Startup Safari Miami Event: I’ll Show YOU How To CRUSH Your Patent & Win Commercial Success!

Inventor, This Session Is For YOU!

Saturday, October 26, 2019, Miami

Sorry Inventors! This event has ended! Please visit my events page to see upcoming entrepreneurial workshops for inventors. Thank you!

Entrepreneurs & Inventors: Are You Stuck In Your Comfort Zone? 

Escape the gray twilight of indecision and join me for my keynote session at Startup Safari Miami on Saturday, October 26, 2019, 2-3 p.m., where I outline a roadmap to getting your idea patented and commercialized.

Billed as an “adventure into one of the fastest-growing startup hotspots in the Americas,” it’s a wonderful opportunity for micro-entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to mix with likeminded startups who want to “crush” their understanding of inte­llectual property protection including patents, copyrights and trademarks.


It’s not technical skills or knowledge holding YOU back – it’s staying within your comfort zone. This is a topic I tackle in my recent book for inventors, Escaping The Gray: When Launching Your Idea Full Throttle Is The Only Option and in my keynote address to the Inventors Society of South Florida (ISSF).

It’s something I have had to personally grapple with as I left corporate New York and fired up my own patent law firm in the sunshine state.


Use my one-hour patenting session to springboard into this entrepreneurial ecosystem and meet venture capitalists and industry pioneers. It’s going to be a mega-event featuring world-class speakers associated with NASA, Virtual Reality, IBM and the Blockchain!

It has always been my dream to work with early stage innovators and inventors BEFORE they became iconic figures like Steve Jobs or Sara Blakely. In fact, many of my inventing clients are now my close friends including Troy Faletra who has rocketed to success with ThrowRaft®, a groundbreaking personal safety device that’s the only product of its kind to have won U.S. Coast Guard Approval.


This event is filling up quickly so avoid disappointment and sign up below.  See you there!


Whether you are trying build the next Alice band, Rubik’s Cube®,  upside down ketchup bottlestethoscopesurfing deviceCoffee Sleeve®, Post-It Note® – or even the fabled flux capacitor – I will unlock the key aspects of bulletproof patent protection and commercialization that have seen clients of mine achieve stratospheric heights with their inventions.

The multi-venue and multi-session event takes over Wynwood, Downtown Miami and Brickell,   connecting you to potential co-founders and unlocking new ways to start a company. It will be jam-packed with entrepreneurial nirvana!

Inventors can mingle with me with after the session to explore ways clients of mine got patented products featured on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) including David Coggswell, who showcased his Toilet Purifier to millions of TV viewers.  


The session will also explore ways to earn international patent protection for your idea (and invention) as we enter a new era of “copycats” in China and other emerging nations.  

My sessions are especially suited for those inventors who think their idea is too small or too insignificant to procure a patent or achieve commercial success in the marketplace.

 I will reveal how a recent amendment to patent law encompassing the The First Inventor To File has shifted the tide in favor of micro-entrepreneurs with small ideas that cast a long shadow in the marketplace.  The time is literally NOW to benefit from The Golden Age of Inventing and begin patenting and commercializing your idea.

If you live in Miami (or are planning to visit MIA over the weekend), please join me on Saturday – I would love to meet you and find out about your big idea!


Single passes, mini passes and all day “Safari” passes are available for inventors and entrepreneurs. See you Saturday!


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