TEDx Organizers Publish John Rizvi #Inventor Talk On YouTube!
John Rizvi at TEDx For Inventors in Miami

Breaking News! John Rizvi Talk on TEDx...

TEDx Video By John Rizvi Approaches 40000 views
John Rizvi - Miami Patent Attorney and Book Author

 John Rizvi, Esq. 

 Miami Patent Attorney

Board Certified | 20 Years Experience 


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Exciting Times! Almost at the same time that TEDx reached an historic 10,000 talk milestone, it announced the video publication of my recent TEDx Talk that carried a special message for small inventors and entrepreneurs worldwide:  Launching Your Dreams Full Throttle is the Only Option.

I would appreciate your comments, views or insights - even if it is to just say "HI" and dip your toes into the entrepreneurial landscape that is being cultivated on both my YouTube channel and TEDx.   


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