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Protect Your Big Idea with a Technology Patent Attorney

Are you working on a life-changing invention? Have you already created it? Make sure you legally protect your intellectual property with a technology patent. Contact us to find out more.

Here’s a fun fact: The first patent, signed by President George Washington, is over 200 years old. It was a technology patent for making potash, a fertilizer ingredient.

Technology continues to evolve, making filing a technology patent more important than ever. Our daily lives are touched countless times by technology, from making coffee, preparing breakfast, talking on the phone, driving a car, and more. Technology gives us both useful inventions and entertainment.

Technological advances have greatly improved our quality of life, increased productivity in businesses, and boosted our everyday efficiency. And, thanks to modern technology, we could even be close to finalizing inventions that would help clean up the planet.

Many inventors assume that filing patent applications is more of an afterthought and not something that has to be taken seriously. However, not protecting your intellectual property is a grave mistake and could cost you dearly.

Having a patented invention gives you the exclusive right to make, sell, or use your invention. You could even license or sell it to another person or company. The Patent Professor® specializes in the patent filing process. Contact us today for a free consultation before someone else acts on your idea.

What Questions Does a Patentability Analysis Answer?

A technology patent is somewhat of a broad patent category and encompasses anything in the technology sector. New chemical compounds, rubber shoes for horses, a new type of durable, lightweight packaging, or a wearable microchip are all examples of technology patents.

The 3D printer, the Quadcopter drone, and the iPhone are also iconic tech patents from the 21st century. Essentially, anything related to technology can be granted a technology patent, whether it’s a kitchen utensil or nanotech that removes plastic from the ocean.

To be granted a technology patent, you must file an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), outlining in detail what your invention is.

There are several conditions that the USPTO looks at once your application is filed. The requirements are:

Because of the complexity of the patent filing process, it’s highly advisable to work with a lawyer on drafting your patent application.

Can I Get a Worldwide Patent?

Currently, there are no international patents or world patents that protect your invention across the globe.

However, you can file an international application under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), which potentially protects your invention in 152 participating countries. Depending on what your invention is, this could be advisable.

Tips for Securing Patent Protection

Before sharing your genius invention with a friend or colleague at happy hour, make sure you are protected by a patent.

The first step in the process is filing the patent application. While this can often be done online, we strongly encourage you to work with an attorney to increase your chances of getting the patent granted. You also want to ensure that your patent adequately protects your invention and can be defended legally. A patent attorney is necessary to ensure this quality.

Your patent application should include the following:

Because of the complexity of the patent filing process, it’s highly advisable to work with a lawyer on drafting your patent application.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Our 20 years of experience as a board-certified law firm comes in handy. Over the past two decades we’ve seen it all, and we’ve saved our clients from costly mistakes. We see ourselves as not just intellectual property attorneys, but also as advisers.

For example, one of the mistakes we’ve seen inventors make is to not purchase a relevant domain name for their invention (as well as reasonably foreseeable variations).

Is My Invention Patentable?

When we think of inventors, we often conjure up images of Thomas Edison’s lightbulb or the Wright Brothers’ airplane.

However, most inventions aren’t necessarily groundbreaking discoveries. Often, they’re improvements on an existing process or a widget that makes life easier. For example, the coffee sleeve (trademarked as the Java Jacket) is a simple piece of cardboard placed over a hot cup of to-go coffee to make it comfortable to hold without burning your hand. A simple invention and not exactly technical, but it sure did improve our way of living!

A Cautionary Tale About Not Filing for a Technology Patent

At this point, you might be wondering if patenting your invention is worth the hassle. We are here to say that, at the very least, you should consult with an attorney for a second opinion. 

Still unconvinced? What if we told you that the inventor of the fidget spinner made zero dollars from her invention? Catherine Hettinger made the first fidget spinner in the 1990s. She sold a few at some fairs and even pitched it to toy companies like Hasbro. However, no one bought her idea.

Decades later, a couple of smart teen entrepreneurs relaunched the product, and since there was no patent, they were able to make mountains of money without having to pay the original inventor.

We’re Endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington

Technology patents can get complicated, and often, attorneys speak in “legalese.” The Patent Professor® balances elite technological and legal know-how with the ability to communicate in everyday language.

When you work with us, you’ll receive the best advice and get a fast answer about whether pursuing a patent application is the right choice for you. As the inventor of the infomercial, Kevin Harrington knows a good patent attorney when he sees one, and we’re grateful for his endorsement.

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