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Throughout the walls of my office, you will find newspaper articles of inventors that I have helped become successful in launching their idea. I am incredibly proud of their success and humbled at being chosen to guide them in their journey.

Protecting & Profiting From Your Ideas.

Many of my clients started with nothing but an idea and have taken it all the way through to the successful launch of their product. These clients have often sold their idea outright and some have licensed their idea for royalty payments on sales. These royalty payments often extend for the entire life of the patent (14 years for design patents and 20 years for utility patents).

For many inventors, the income from their idea does not even require that they manufacture the product themselves. Others have established companies and changed entire industries doing what they love and many were able to retire with the income from the patent that I obtained for them. As their patent attorney, my job is to make sure that my client’s ideas are not stolen and that their patent is bullet-proof.

The inventors that I have represented that have done well have one thing in common – they have identified important needs in the market that were not being met and have worked with me to secure rights to those ideas through strong, well drafted, litigation-ready patents with teeth.On this page, you will find detailed interviews of my clients as they tell the stories behind their success in their own words.

I am humbled by their testimonials about the role I have played in guiding them in their journey.

John Rizv, Esq., Board Certified Patent Attorney

Client Success Stories 1

Videos Detailing My Firm's Inventor Success Stories

Debbie Kantor is the inventor of a cap-shaped bandage for wound care dressing of the head or limbs. She is a nurse practitioner trained at the University of Pennsylvania where she later joined UPenn’s School of Nursing as clinical faculty. Over 20 years of clinical experience led to her inventions and patented cap-shaped bandage.
Debbie Kantor, RN, MSN, APRN
Debbie Kantor, RN, MSN, APRN
Shawn Sisco never thought of herself as an inventor, and she certainly never expected to invent a medical device without any medical experience or college degree. But that’s what she did, using a one-dollar tube of lotion.

Today, her medical device invention, a urinary catheter support, is in the final stages of development at the University of Minnesota, and will be making its way to market soon.
Client Success Stories 2
Shawn Sisco
Ariel Martinez is the inventor of a machine that makes creating grass block pavers for driveways and patios faster, more efficient for concrete paver installers and contractors.

It also requires fewer laborers to use this improved machinery to install today’s trendy concrete tile driveways and terraces with grass grout borders.
Client Success Stories 3
Ariel Martinez
Several years ago, a gifted young man, Alexander Gomez, walked into my office, sat down, and passionately told me about his medical idea, more a dream at this point, that had prompted him to drop out of medical school and form his own business.
Client Success Stories 4
Alex Gomez (D-HELP)
When Donal Inman first came to see my firm several years ago, he outlined his frustration with standard spring aligners, showing us his new idea for treating cross-bites and overcrowded teeth.

He saw an opportunity to disrupt the field with patented aligners that worked quickly to straighten teeth.
Donal Inman
When it comes to pain, two immediate relief options that come to mind are massage therapy or some sort of cooling or heating gel.

My client, Gerardo Feterman, found a unique way to bring both options to a small pocket-sized bottle.

His brilliant invention Rubbing Dots® is a pain cream and massager – all in one!
Client Success Stories 5
Gerardo Feterman
“I am the CEO and President of CarePlus Medical Inc., and have been utilizing John Rizvi's knowledge and expertise for all things legal regarding the company and product for two decades. My experience working with John has been nothing short of extraordinary. They are diligent, responsive, dedicated, trustworthy and professional in every aspect. With the Patent Professor's guidance and know-how, they have gone above and beyond, time and time again, always exceeding my expectations. Entrusting John with my business was one of the best decisions I've ever made.”
Louis Cuadra
Inventor, TurnWedge
“I was only 17 years old when I started my patent process. John Rizvi is literally the best - he pours his heart into his work!

If you are an inventor that is under 18 years old, make sure to go with John Rizvi. I am extremely happy in working with John and his team. Thank you for all your help from my parents and I!”
Client Success Stories 6
Anthony Justen
"I’ve been working with John since 2010 on a pet product that is almost ready to go to market. He was always there to answer my questions along with some great legal findings that work to my advantage. The process was seamless, I received a patent – 16 out of 20 claims were granted. He was on top of everything, very accessible and he just runs a very professional team...they were extremely helpful, answering my questions quickly and returning my calls quickly. John is a Dreammaker!"
Client Success Stories 7
Stewart Lovenvirth
Inventor, LitterZap
Client Success Stories 8
"I sought out Prof. John Rizvi to help me patent my inflatable docking system. As I have grown my operations over the years John has helped me obtain four additional annexes to my original patent, giving me powerful, robust intellectual property protection. John has delivered on all levels: I feel like I can trust him; I feel like he actually cares."
Client Success Stories 9
Versifloat, Gerard D'Offay
Inventor, Versifloat
Client Success Stories 10
"In the darkest moment of my life, I had lost my dad and my wife, John said to me: " You get one damn go-around in this life. Make it Count." He told me never to give up and convinced me that my ThowRaft device could become a successful product once patented. After a lot of hard work I then got U.S. Coast Guard Approval which has led to huge growth. Thank you John!"
Client Success Stories 11
Troy Faletra
Inventor, ThrowRaft
Client Success Stories 12
"John's Law firm is a great place: From the moment I saw the initial patent drawings and contract I knew I made the right decision to work with his team. These guys are definitely knowledgeable and they’ll fight to get your idea patented so I highly recommend them and I’ll definitely go back. I would also say to other inventors that If you have an idea don't procrastinate, definitely make it happen as you've got nothing to lose - the sky is the limit!"
Client Success Stories 13
Giddel Casadesus
Inventor, Concealed Carry Pouch
Client Success Stories 14
"I came to John on short notice: I wanted my patent to be ready for a major law enforcement and firearm trade show that was coming up in several months. John was able to effectively and properly address my patent concerns and submit my patent request and have me in a patent pending status before I had to leave for that show. His knowledge and work ethic is extremely impressive and I was very fortunate to have chosen him as my patent attorney."
Client Success Stories 15
Peter Roccisano
Inventor, Backup Holster
Client Success Stories 16
"I designed the bands to introduce the baseball world to the patron saint, St. Rita and her connection to baseball; baseball can provide us with a connection to the sublime, the divine, and a sense of possibility. Miracles happen every day, to anybody…you just have to believe. But I knew I had to protect my idea and talking to John and his team made me feel really confident. His experience is incredible - just close your eyes and he'll take you where want to go. Today Chicago White Sox baseball players are wearing my bracelets and I am extremely proud of how far my brand has come in such a short time."
Client Success Stories 17
Andy Castellanos
Inventor, Backup Holster
Client Success Stories 18
"All the hitch covers I saw the on the market, were too complicated requiring several components to achieve the final result. I wanted to eliminate this hassle with an all-in-one hitch enclosure. I was so impressed when Prof. Rizvi called back immediately after leaving a message about my need to get my idea patented. He made the complex process so easy. I have been working on this product for nearly 10 years and his expertise made a big difference; all the way through from sketch to the final product designs for the United States Patent Office. I am very grateful for his help. He is 100% ethical, honest and a man of integrity. He’s more than attorney - he’s also become my friend. He is definitely the right guy for securing your patent! I would tell inventors to be persistent, don’t give up. It takes time but it’s worth it. I am officially an inventor now!"
Client Success Stories 19
Carlos Enrique Rodriguez
Hitch Cover
Client Success Stories 20

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