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“The Patent Professor ® has been recognized by Inc Magazine and listed in the Inc5000 as among the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

Although initially founded as an “army of one” by John Rizvi, an adjunct professor of patent law (hence, the firm’s name!) and one of the first group of board certified patent attorneys in the country, the firm has grown into a formidable organization of intellectual property specialists.

Today, The Patent Professor® team consists of board certified patent attorneys, former U.S.P.T.O. patent examiners, registered patent agents, engineers, designers, and illustrators specializing exclusively on protecting new ideas and brand identities.”

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We Protect Your Ideas So That You Can Profit From Them

Our law firm is unlike any other law firm you have worked with before.

Here, we don’t have hourly billing. Instead, we will give you a simple flat fee for your patent.

Plus, unlike at traditional law firms, we don’t charge for meetings, phone calls, emails, faxes, postage, or photocopies.

A law firm that doesn’t bill like one.

Now, maybe we’ll patent that!

Our Services

Patent Eligibility

Patent Eligibility & IP Assessment is the first step in bringing your concept to market. Our initial assessment improves your chances of a successful application.

Patent Search

Patent searches are an essential part of a successful patent application. Learn how to refine your idea and save time and money with a patent search.

Provisional Patent Application

A provisional patent can help you secure your design or invention from theft. Speak to a lawyer and protect your intellectual property today.

Non-Provisional Patent Application

Claim your idea or invention when you file a non-provisional patent application. Let our team help you through this process so you can save time and money.

Design Patent Applications

Does your product have an innovative appearance? Talk to an expert about filing a design patent application today.
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Patent Attorney

If you have come up with an invention that you believe is unique and valuable, it is strongly suggested that you file a patent to protect your ideas from being reproduced. Filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office can be a complicated process, but the reward of navigating the application can be extremely rewarding when you are able to pursue your invention without worrying about competitors copying you.

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