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When you have an idea for a new sporting goods product never before seen on the market, you need to protect it. Whether you have an idea for a new golf ball design or a shoe that helps athletes run faster, protecting your intellectual property should be a priority in your development process.

Without protecting your idea and design, you risk having it stolen and used by someone else. Beyond the misplaced credit for your innovation, you can lose any profit you might have made had you acted to defend your intellectual property early.

John Rizvi, Esq., is a sporting goods patent attorney who specializes in Intellectual Property Law. He has helped many clients achieve their dreams of building successful products and brands by guiding them through the patent process.

Why Protect Your Sporting Goods Intellectual Property?

The sporting goods industry reaches far and wide, from Olympic gold medalists to the neighbor who jogs by your house every morning. If you have an idea or design that improves the way people compete, exercise, and live, you could earn a significant profit and make a name for yourself in the sporting goods world.

Patenting sporting goods intellectual property can help the industry as a whole, too, by:

Before you can accomplish these and contribute to the industry, you need a patent. A sporting goods patent marks your idea as yours alone. A patent protects your intellectual property against anyone else who may want to produce similar products.

It’s not unheard of for two or more people to have the same idea. However, a patent offers proof that your idea came first, and that you have the right to produce it based on your design, materials, and other related factors.

A patent gives you the sole right to produce your specific idea. Patent law also prevents other companies and individuals from stealing your intellectual property. Rely on The Patent Professor®’s skills and knowledge to help you protect your intellectual property with a sporting goods patent by calling today for a consultation.

What Do Sporting Goods Patents Include?

Sporting goods patents encompass an array of products and niches within the sporting goods industry. When it comes to patenting sporting goods, John Rizvi, Esq., can help you determine whether your idea is eligible for patenting.

If you are considering patenting your sporting goods innovation, consider the types of products included in the sporting goods industry. Whether you are creating a product for professional athletes or the average recreational sports fan, The Patent Professor® can help you understand where your product stands when it comes to legal classification.

There are several classes your patent may fall under, including:

More exist than those listed, which means that as you consider patenting your idea or design, it is vital to ensure you apply for the right kind. That’s where John Rizvi, Esq., can guide you.

While you may patent a product in the United States, filing an international patent application protects your intellectual property worldwide. The Patent Professor® ensures protection in all relevant areas and territories throughout the world. 

What a Sporting Goods Patent Means for You

While the purpose of a sporting goods patent is to protect your idea, it does more than that. Patenting a design or product can create advantages for you that you may not have considered when you first created your idea.


You need funding to create your idea, whether you apply for a patent or not. Patent funding from grants allows you to develop your design faster. Private and government organization grant funding allows you to build upon your idea, start a business based on your idea, or commercialize your product.

Many organizations want to see how your product can impact society, so they know their investment is worth something. The Patent Professor® can help you determine the best ways to show potential investors that your idea is marketable.

Further Innovation

Once you receive a patent, you may feel inspired to continue creating more beneficial ideas. Whether you choose to build upon your existing designs or create new ones, patenting can give you the motivation you need to do that.

As you design more products, you innovate in the sporting goods market. Consumers continue to benefit from your design, as do you when you draw in more profit from your idea.


A sporting goods patent means that as you market your product, customers will see your business as more reliable and reputable. In turn, more people learn about your invention and purchase your product. As consumers find out that you offer something other companies cannot, your patent will allow you to continue providing them with that product exclusively.

We Protect Your Intellectual Property

The Patent Professor® is a Florida Bar certified law firm that can guide you through the patenting process and ensure you are protected even after patent approval. John Rizvi, Esq. has helped many entrepreneurs patent their designs by inventorying their products, determining which ones are likely eligible for patenting and helping them through the patent process.

If you already have a patent, The Patent Professor® can work alongside you in the event of patent infringement, post-grant reviews, and inter partes reviews. He will make sure that your intellectual property is yours alone, which means fighting on your behalf when necessary.

John Rizvi, Esq., has nationally recognized experience and expertise to determine when your design can be patented and how you can protect it. As a renowned sporting goods patent attorney, he gives you insight on patenting factors like marketability, advertising, business, and investment. He can also assist you in other matters of intellectual property, including trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and IP licensing.

If you are thinking about applying for a sporting goods patent, you need a sporting goods patent attorney like John Rizvi, Esq. The Patent Professor® has the tools and understanding of IP Law, and he can help you successfully patent your intellectual property.

Applying for a sporting goods patent?

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