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If you seek intellectual property protection for an innovative idea in your industry, it is important to understand that the United States acknowledges four distinct patent classes:

  • A Machine: an apparatus or device
  • A Manufacture: a manufactured article
  • A Composition of Matter: a combination of ingredients, such as chemicals
  • A Process: a method of doing something

These patent classes apply across a variety of profitable industries, which we explore below. If you believe your inventive concept in any of these industries we serve fits any one of these four patent categories, we invite you to connect with The Patent Professor® through a free introductory call to determine whether your invention can be patented.

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We help innovators like you secure patent and trademark protection for great new product ideas in the following profitable industries:

At The Patent Professor®, we join you in your innovative and entrepreneurial journey to guide, develop, and manage your Intellectual property strategy for your assets. There are often many strategic steps involved in securing and managing patents and trademarks. In the course of our synergistic business relationship, we may perform a variety of services on your behalf to help you effectively pursue your goals. We will help you determine your needs and your next steps during your free introductory call.

Depending on your needs, these services may include:

We are prepared to meet you where you are and answer your questions. Call now or fill out our online form to request your free introductory call with The Patent Professor®. We will answer your questions and assess the viability of intellectual property protection for your idea. 

As we proceed to analyze your patent options, we can check for existing overlapping patent listings and guide the development of your idea while protecting your intellectual property interests.

Our experienced intellectual property team includes in-house patent examiners who have been responsible for granting or denying patents in the past. If your concept meets the standards to be deemed a beneficial and “non-obvious” invention, we can help you to proceed with a Provisional Patent Application (or another appropriate first step, depending on your industry, goals, and unique circumstances) and provide guidance for a sound intellectual property protection strategy. 

We strive to place you and your business ventures in a position where you would have the support of both state and federal courts against imitators attempting to enter the market with a spin on your original idea. We can also provide strategic counsel if you wish to pursue IP rights in another country besides the United States. Contact us today to begin your journey.

Explore Patent Opportunities in Your Industry

We serve clients in various industries involving unique opportunities and challenges. Leverage our knowledge and experience to navigate these vital processes on the way towards your intellectual property goals.

Aerospace Patents

Unleash your aerospace innovation in an intensely competitive market by securing a patent. This exclusive right paves the way for you to make, sell, or use your invention for a determined period, offering a significant edge for positioning and marketability in the industry dominated by giants like Boeing, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin.

With around 60,000 patents held or in application by major aerospace companies, there is ample scope to capitalize on your unique ideas. Aerospace patents span areas such as satellites, aircraft, lighter than air systems, and propulsion.

Automotive Patents

The swift evolution of the automotive industry highlights the paramount importance of protecting your intellectual property. Whether it’s a breakthrough innovation or a unique marketing campaign, this industry is highly competitive with giants like Tesla and Ford always eager to license exciting new ideas.

The surge in self-driving car technologies has sparked an intense patent competition as several automakers and tech companies aim to roll out their versions within five years. As such, protection for inventions, particularly those related to AI-powered vehicles, is crucial now more than ever. Even subtle differentiations such as brand slogans and ad campaigns require strong copyright safeguards to maintain brand uniqueness.

While the process of filing a patent is more complex than copyrighting, intellectual property lawyers can provide support in both instances. Note that modern digital inventions used in vehicles, such as software, may require both patent and copyright protection.

Biotech Patents

Defense of your intellectual property is critical in the competitive world of biotechnology. Biotech patent lawyers ensure your unique ideas remain yours alone, whether they’re innovations in software, pharmaceuticals, or other life science niches. This protection extends to discoveries across sectors like animals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, genetically-modified material, and even plants.

High levels of investment into research and development in biotech means it is paramount to secure your successful findings with a patent. This step is not merely about ownership, but it also provides you the liberty to continuously innovate and profit from your intellectual property.

There are specific distinctions for patenting biotechnology processes. For instance, new or discovered plant species are protected under a unique plant patent law, having a span of 14 years compared to a utility patent’s 20 years.

Biotech patent standards are higher due to the requirement to prove your creation’s uniqueness, especially in the case of biological materials. It primarily falls under two categories: Product Patents and Process Patents. Biotech patents can address a broad range of innovative processes, from isolating peptides to genetically modifying organisms.

Choosing not to patent your biotech discovery risks someone else capitalizing on your innovation, leading to forfeiture of your right to use that product or process. Patenting promotes enhanced innovation and opens up exclusive profit-making opportunities.

Blockchain Patents

Blockchain, the groundbreaking technology behind cryptocurrencies, has many uses beyond financial transactions, providing secure and intelligent solutions for ownership and authenticity verification. The blockchain patent landscape is highly dynamic, with increasing filings due to the technology’s novelty and versatile applications. Filing for such patents is intricate, making it essential to engage a skilled blockchain patent attorney.

Despite being a relatively new technology, blockchain patent filings are largely similar to other patents – securing exclusivity to make, use, and profit from an invention for a stipulated time. This field is rife with opportunities for innovation. Regardless of existing patents from giants like IBM and Bank of America, you can safeguard your unique features or functionality on blockchain with a patent. Working with us to ensure your invention will stand as a key feature or standard component of the platform.

Clothing Patents

Securing a design patent for garments is tougher than securing copyright and trademarks. To safeguard your inventive designs, engage a patent lawyer like The Patent Professor®. Winning a patent lets you exclusively manufacture and sell your unique designs, enhancing profits and innovation image. Proprietary designs may be patentable, but brands require a trademark. Patents address innovative fashion designs or distinctive utility. Picking a suitable patent type is crucial for success.

Two patent types exist in the fashion sphere; Utility and Design. Utility patents safeguard novel functionality, whereas design patents protect unique aesthetics. Even though patent filing in the dynamic fashion industry can be time-consuming, The Patent Professor® simplifies the process with a flat-rate filing fee. Iconic designs often become industry staples, making patents invaluable.

Cosmetic Patents

Launching a new skincare or cosmetic product? Ensure it’s safeguarded under patent! The $134 billion U.S. personal care sector is fiercely contested, making patent protection crucial. Major cosmetic brands have faced patent disputes, highlighting the importance for all.

Qualifying for a utility patent requires your cosmetic product to have a unique formulation and the formula shouldn’t be obvious or existing under an existing patent. Demonstrating clear benefits or uses is also mandatory. Alternatively, creative packaging can qualify for a design patent. Connect with us for a free consultation on patenting your innovation.

Computer Science Patents

Technology is advancing rapidly, making patents crucial, particularly in computer science. The Patent Professor® guides you through this complex process. Approximately one-third of all patents concern computer technology, encompassing software, hardware, and computing processes. The Patent Professor® offers guidance across a variety of fields like hardware, software, GPS devices, and more. While the patenting process can be lengthy and expensive, having the right support can make all the difference.

Software patents grant exclusive rights to the original inventor, who must grant permission for others to benefit from the patent. Software sometimes falls under copyright law, but patent protection is essential. Software accounts for more patents than any industry. There is much opportunity and much competition, which means your innovative ideas can be at risk without proper protection. For software patent eligibility, it must serve industrial or commercial purposes, it must be non-obvious, and the design should be detailed and specific.

Food Patents

The food and beverage industry is a vibrant, yet competitive sector. However, securing patents for your innovative product or process can give you an edge. The Patent Professor® is deeply experienced in guiding businesses through the patent application and filing processes, whether you’re a manufacturer, a flavoring company, or an enterprising inventor.

Patents in this industry don’t just cover new products or tastes, but also processing, production, preservation techniques, packaging design, and functional ingredients. For example, unique beer flavors by Amoretti®, and patented formulas for vegan food substitutes show the extent of what can be patented.

However, these patents are not only for encouraging creative food innovations, but to ensure that your unique idea can’t be easily replicated. Patents offer you a monopoly over your invention for several years, while trade secrets, though they last indefinitely, lack official registration and are subject to leaks and reverse engineering. As such, we generally suggest patents for clients, but it is very important to consider individual circumstances. We can address the right approach to your trade secret protection concerns during your free initial call.

Maritime and Yachting Patents

In the competitive global maritime industry, it’s crucial to protect your intellectual property if you’ve innovated a safety or performance-enhancing concept. This is an industry made up of diverse subsectors, from boat building to marine insurance tracking, which are ripe for innovative advancement. The industry thrives on cutting-edge developments in areas like vessel design, eco-friendly fuels, and navigation tools. These innovations not only improve the industry, but may also attract significant attention.

Notable companies have already reaped the benefits of patent protection, securing their inventions in sectors like boat hardware, boating electronics, and marine engineering. If you plan to compete in these areas, securing a patent can fortify your market position.

While it’s challenging to patent a new ship design, unique design features, such as novel hull designs or innovative safety features, can be patented, thus safeguarding your invention. The Patent Professor® can navigate you through the process of safeguarding your innovations, ensuring they’re protected by patents, trademarks, or copyrights as needed.

Medical Patents

As the rapid advancements continue in the health sector, securing your innovative medical ideas through patents is vital. To maintain your competitive edge in the industry, you need a professional medical patent lawyer to safeguard your designs or trade secrets. Your ideas must be original and embodied in a physical product to be eligible for a medical device patent.

It’s important to note that pre-existing designs in any form can lead to patent denial. Different patent categories are available for the medical industry, including utility, design, and plant patents, and utility patents are typically the appropriate option for medical technology and other medical products.

Music Patents

Protect your unique musical creations by securing copyrights and patents. Navigating the fiercely competitive music industry requires a profound understanding of your legal rights, from band names to innovative equipment that benefits recording studios. Copyrights can safeguard your creative works including everything from sheet music to your song’s title, lyrics, and distribution. Formal copyrighting processes serve to protect your written and recorded creations in case an intellectual property conflict does arise.

Ensure a robust defense against music copyright infringements by pursuing federal registration, which is an essential, yet often overlooked step by many artists. There are two important types of copyrights for music: Composition Copyright and Sound Recording Copyright. You may need to seek both. Music patents, albeit similar to copyrights, protect your innovative music ideas rather than simply expressions, offering thorough protection against potential legal issues.

Oil and Gas Patents

In the highly competitive oil and gas sector, safeguarding your inventive breakthroughs is essential, and a knowledgeable patent lawyer can assist with this crucial task. There’s been a consistent rise in patent filings within this industry, especially post-2008, with a concentration on technological advancement, software, and specific procedures. The primary areas for patent filings have been drilling, geophysics, metalworking technology, and climate change solutions.

Continuous innovation is a defining characteristic of the oil and gas industry, whether it’s in drilling technology, software enhancements, or discovering alternatives. This makes protecting your innovative ideas crucial to staying competitive. An experienced patent attorney can provide crucial guidance on patentability and help you build a robust patent portfolio. By securing a patent, you not only protect your idea from being stolen, but also gain an edge in the industry.

Pharmaceutical Patents

If you’re spearheading a groundbreaking innovation in pharmaceuticals, leverage the robust patent system to protect and profit from your research. Patents grant you multiple benefits, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, where hefty investments in R&D and lengthy development times are the norm. Patents provide exclusive rights to produce and sell your product, safeguarding your innovation from imitation and generic versions.

Patenting mandates that your invention should be non-obvious, new, and useful – areas where a seasoned pharmaceutical patent attorney can provide valuable guidance. Despite a 20-year term for US pharmaceutical patents, the effective monopoly period might be shorter due to rigorous testing and trials. However, extensions like the 30-month freeze on FDA approval of generic drugs can help you profit longer from your intellectual property.

The pharmaceutical patent system not only supports the profitability potential of your enterprise, but also encourages the development of lifesaving treatments. Whether it’s a new drug or a novel use for an existing one, patenting may be feasible. However, the process is intricate, and this further warrants the assistance of an experienced patent attorney.

Software Patents

Software patents safeguard the intellectual property rights of creators and their substantial investment of time and resources, seeking to ensure that their innovative applications are not replicated, used or sold without consent. Software patents indicate that the product’s full application process has been scrutinized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, granting the developer exclusive rights to produce and sell the software.

The rapidly-advancing nature of software development and related technologies often leads to crafters moving ahead without applying for patents. However, securing a software patent and other IP rights can amplify the profitability of your product, protect your intellectual property, and shield your product’s reputation. A knowledgeable patent law firm like The Patent Professor® can offer clients guidance and counsel regarding whether to conduct a patentability search before initiating software development. Your competition has access to these resources and services, as well. We are here to help our clients diligently protect their IP assets.

Trade secrets, used primarily for proprietary software, require no official registration and rely on strict confidentiality. Copyrights protect original source code, while trademarks protect software’s name, logo and unique slogan. An IP attorney can assist you in identifying the right protection for your intellectual property needs.

Sporting Goods Patents

Protecting your unique sporting goods product idea with a patent is crucial to avoid having it misused by others, and losing out on potential profits and recognition. The sporting goods industry, which spans from professional athletes to casual enthusiasts, offers considerable scope for innovation and profit.

The types of products in this sector that are eligible for patents are diverse. Your patent could fall in various categories like projectiles (golf balls, for example), support devices, launch or catch implements, skates, pool equipment, martial arts, track and field, or water sports, etc.

Securing a patent doesn’t only safeguard your idea. It could also expedite development through funding avenues, inspire further innovation, and boost your reputation, enticing more potential consumers with your unique offerings in the sporting goods market.

Technology Patents

In today’s rapidly-evolving technological landscape, securing technology patents has become increasingly critical. Our lives are profoundly influenced by technology, enhancing our daily routines, boosting business productivity, and even holding the possibility of environment-friendly inventions. Technology patents cover a wide range of technical disciplines, from new chemical compounds to innovative horse shoes, advanced packaging materials, and wearable microchips.

Iconic examples of technology patents from the 21st century include the 3D printer, drone technology, and the iPhone. Regardless of its nature, an authentic technological innovation can potentially earn its patent. However, the process can be complex and loaded with legal jargon and reference to other complex technologies. The Patent Professor® is here to direct your technology patent efforts with in-depth technological patent legal guidance in clear, everyday language.

Understanding Intellectual Property Protection Services Provided by The Patent Professor®

Depending on your needs, goals, and your current steps in the patenting or trademarking processes, you may need a variety of services as you progress. We are ready to meet you where you are and help you understand and navigate the processes. Rely on our team’s extensive experience, ability to assess your needs and seek protection for your innovations, and implement diverse strategies to benefit your overall intellectual property portfolio management and entrepreneurial interests.

We make our resources available to clients of all sizes, from small businesses to massive market leaders. Our team is driven by the same passion and focus that drives the creators who are our clients, and the strategies our firm implements discourage infringement practices while encouraging enforcement of creators’ rights. It is important to take the proper formal steps to protect your work. Don’t proceed blindly. Missteps can lead to wasted time, money, effort, and even litigation. If you are not sure where to start, begin with a free initial call.

Design Patent Applications

Design patents safeguard the aesthetic features of an invention or ornamental object, while utility patents protect the unique functional aspects. Once a design patent is secured, copying of the design is legally prohibited.

The lifespan of a design patent is 14 years, which is 6 years shorter than a utility patent. Note that a design patent application is simpler and requires less time for approval than its utility counterpart. A provisional patent application can be filed to preserve “patent pending” status during the lengthy utility patent application process, but it’s not needed for a design patent.

Filing a design patent involves application fees, detailed descriptions, drawings or photographs of the design, cross-referencing of any related patent applications, and a legal oath or declaration.

Non-Provisional Patent Applications

Secure your unique invention with a non-provisional patent, effectively safeguarding your intellectual property from unauthorized use, and making it legally viable to take action against infringements. In contrast, filing a provisional patent provides temporary protection for a year, engendering a patent pending status to your idea while you prepare to hit the market.

Non-provisional, or utility patents serve to protect your invention against misuse, applicable to a diverse array of intellectual property, including machines, software, medicines, and business processes. Their lifespan is a solid 20 years, subject to maintenance fees.

In contrast, provisional patents, as temporary patents, guard your invention for only 12 months. Failing to apply for a non-provisional patent during this time risks loss of protection, opening your idea to others for patenting.

Specialty patents such as plant and design patents protect new plant varieties and design aspects for 20 and 14 years, respectively. Filing a non-provisional application is usually a wise choice. Patent violation offenders can be penalized heavily.

Provisional patents are usually the precursor to utility patents, the latter being the primary non-provisional type of patent. If “prior art” is discovered during a patentability search, our firm’s attorneys can provide guidance and counsel on application adjustments or invention modifications to secure uniqueness.

Patent Eligibility & IP Assessment

Do you have a unique product idea? Determine whether it’s patentable with The Patent Professor®. We scrutinize your invention against all patent eligibility criteria to enhance your success rate with patent applications. Understanding patent eligibility is key in the patenting journey. This refers to whether your innovation meets the necessary standards to qualify for patent protection, as outlined by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

With the knowledge and experience of a certified patent attorney, we guide you through these complex steps. Patentable subject matter spans various fields, from software and computer technologies to chemical reactions. Knowing how your concept fits into these categories can focus your efforts in securing patent protection through the USPTO. The Patent Professor® is here to complete IP assessment and encourage the financial fruitfulness of your innovative efforts.

Patent Search

It is important to perform a patent search before submitting a patent application to verify that your invention is unique and not easily predictable.

A patent search safeguards your invention against existing patents and demonstrates its uniqueness to the patent office. Often called a “novelty search”, this process identifies if your invention is new or a significant advance on current technology. The search typically starts with databases from the US and European Patent Offices, and includes pending patent applications.

Patent searches may further extend to online and print publications, as well as stores or e-commerce sites, comparing your invention to past and present products and processes. This comprehensive search seeks to confirm the novelty and originality of your product.

Provisional Patent Application

Secure your innovative ideas with a provisional patent, a budget-friendly and quicker alternative to a full patent. It reserves your ‘first-to-file’ status, with a simpler application process that involves detailed descriptions and relevant drawings.

You then have a year to file your utility patent after your provisional patent application, or risk losing rights. Although a provisional patent doesn’t fully patent your invention, it positions it as ‘patent pending’, warning others of your prior claim.

Regardless of whether someone else’s invention is similar or a significant advancement, your provisional patent remains as ‘prior art’. This is due to a 2011 law change favoring the first filer over the original inventor. Discuss any questions during your free initial call.


Secure your brand’s identity with a trademark. Ensuring your brand, product, or concept has a federal license through a trademark attorney shields it from unauthorized use by others, safeguarding your business reputation. Trademarks should be distinct, not resembling competitors. Ideally, it should also be an adjective which can strategically avoid generic misuse of your branding.

Examples of improper use include referring to all similar products with your trademarked name, such as BAND-AID® for all bandages or Xerox® for photocopies. A good trademark is easy to say, short, recognizable, and memorable.

Trademarks aren’t limited to names; these brand assets can also be symbols like Nike’s “swoosh”, slogans like “Just Do It”, colors like Coca-Cola’s distinctive red, or even sounds like NBC’s three-tone chime.

Trademark protection helps maintain the quality of your brand and prevent consumer confusion that might lead to lost sales. Displaying a ® next to your name provides authenticity to your brand. This can also generate interest in licensing or acquisition. The attorneys at our intellectual property practice are prepared to provide you strategic counsel regarding your next steps.

Trademark Application

Registering your trademark grants you the right to use the ® mark on your company name, logo, and products. However, the application process can be challenging, and DIY Intellectual Property (IP) toolkits might not be sufficient. A trademark application secures your brand’s unique aspects, averting confusion with competitors’ brands. Trademarks are versatile, as they can secure different forms of creative IPs such as words, symbols, logos, and more.

It’s wise to conduct a thorough trademark search using tools like the TESS to ensure no one else has a similar trademark. The Patent Professor® is prepared to help you navigate these steps, and can assist in trademark searches to provide precise research findings.

Although you can technically file your trademark application by yourself, hiring a trusted attorney can save you time and money, especially given the high chances of improperly-researched or improperly-filed applications leading to an Office Action letter or a refusal to register. We register trademarks for clients routinely, so let our IP team guide you.

Trademark Renewal

Protect your brand by renewing your trademark indefinitely after it is granted. Trademark renewals are required every 10 years, and they are less costly and time-consuming than initial applications. By renewing your trademark, you legally affirm your continued use of the trademark, preventing others from using similar marks or logos. Renewal timings are crucial; you’re able to renew in the ninth year of registration, and you must complete renewal by the 10th anniversary. Thereafter, renewals are due every decade.

A Declaration of Use statement and required fees need to be filed between the fifth and sixth years of registration. The USPTO offers a six-month grace period for renewal, but late filings have additional costs. Failure to renew within the extended deadline leads to trademark registration cancellation by the USPTO, causing you to lose your registered trademark protection privileges.

Trademark Search

Ensure your brand is unique and protected by conducting a trademark search in coordination with your IP attorney before you apply for a trademark. This protocol prevents confusion with competitors by ensuring your name, logo, or slogan is not similar to existing properties. Conduct this search with the aid of a trademark attorney as soon as you conceptualize your company’s attributes. The process includes checking federally registered trademarks, state registered trademarks, and common law trademarks.

Thoroughly researching and strategizing in coordination with an experienced intellectual property attorney early in the trademark application process not only saves time and money, but also improves your chances of approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Envisioning Your Next Steps With The Patent Professor®

You have several questions about your idea:

  • Is my idea patentable?
  • Do existing patents already exist for similar ideas?
  • How much will it cost, and how long will it take to secure a patent for my idea?
  • What are my next steps to secure my patent?
  • What should I do once I have protected my idea with a patent?

The answers to many of these questions will depend on the specific industry and the nature of the idea for which you seek intellectual property protection. Experienced intellectual property attorneys like The Patent Professor® can help you navigate each step towards securing and utilizing a patent in your chosen industry. Ask us how the experienced counsel, services, and resources at our IP firm can help you pursue business opportunities in the United States and throughout the world.

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When you partner with The Patent Professor®, we assess whether your invention is commercially viable and help to protect your interests throughout patent prosecution cases. Our extensive knowledge of patent law allows us to collaborate with you to refine your application before submission — helping to safeguard your creations for the duration of your patent.

While securing a patent for your invention is a significant milestone, the process doesn’t end there. Our team of experienced patent attorneys is here to not only guide you through the patent application process, but also to make it more efficient.

The entire team at our firmly-established intellectual property practice understands the importance of your invention to you. Our intellectual property attorneys will support you every step of the way, protecting your rights against patent infringement and assisting you in navigating inter partes reviews (IPRs), post-grant reviews (PGRs), and ex parte reexaminations.

With our extensive experience, we counsel clients ranging from small businesses and individual inventors to large corporations in various intellectual property scenarios. Our clients, attorneys, and staff share a passion and drive for creation and advancement. The Patent Professor® is the intellectual property law firm for innovators seeking a team that is ready and eager to encourage and protect profitable creative ideas from the point of the initial concept.

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