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Oil and gas are highly competitive industries. An oil and gas patent helps you protect the competitive edge you get from your research. 

Hire an Oil and Gas Patent Attorney - The Patent Professor®

When you have an oil and gas technology innovation or idea, you need an oil and gas patent attorney. Contact John Rizvi, P.A., The Patent Professor®, for a consultation at (877) 731-5667 to protect your intellectual property.

In an industry as competitive as oil and gas, protecting your intellectual property should be your priority. An oil and gas patent attorney can protect your invention by guiding you through the patenting process.

The Patent Professor®, John Rizvi, Esq., is a board-certified attorney who specializes in Intellectual Property Law. He can assist you with IP strategy, gas patent filings, and oil and gas patent protection. In the oil and gas industry, it is crucial to enlist legal services to keep your intellectual property your own, especially if you want to realize the results of your innovation.

Oil and Gas Industry Trends in Patent Filings

Since the Great Recession of 2008, oil and gas patent filings have increased almost every year. However, the highest growth has been in specific areas rather than in the oil and gas industry overall. For example, most patent filings have occurred in technology, software, and processes.

Most patent filings over the past 12 years fell into the following four areas:

Earth drilling has seen more patent filings than any other area. Software innovations have increased, owing to the need for research and development in the industry. Natural gas has also become one of the most popular patenting fields as companies have tried to combat the effects of climate change. 

When Should I Get a Gas Patent?

Oil and gas companies are continually innovating, whether they create new earth drilling technology or new software to learn about hydraulic fracturing effects or discover alternatives. Because the oil and gas industry is one of the fastest evolving fields, protecting innovative technology is key to putting yourself ahead in the market.

To stay competitive in this field, you need an oil and gas patent attorney to advise you on whether your ideas are patentable. If your product will better take advantage of oil and gas resources, advance software and technology, or create efficient processes for research and development, consider patenting your product with the help of The Patent Professor®.

An oil and gas patent benefits your company and keeps you ahead in the industry.A patent allows you to develop and produce your design without worrying that someone else will intervene or steal your idea. An oil and gas patent attorney like John Rizvi, Esq., can help you determine your eligibility for a patent and create a patent portfolio as you continue to innovate.

The Patent Professor®—Help With Patent Filings

John Rizvi, Esq., works with you when it comes to filing patent applications, navigating the patenting process, and defending your innovations against patent infringement. The Patent Professor® is nationally recognized for his expertise in Intellectual Property Law, particularly as it pertains to patents. With a skilled oil and gas patent attorney on your side, you can protect your designs more effectively.

John Rizvi, Esq., is available for consultation on your oil and gas innovation. He prioritizes the attorney-client relationship, and he knows that each patent situation is as unique as your idea. 

Contact him today at 1-877-731-5667 to schedule a consultation and learn how The Patent Professor® can help you patent your original idea or technology.

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