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Patents, trade secrets, and trademarks all play a critical role in protecting medical and healthcare related technology, devices, software, and services.

Medical Patent Attorney—Protect Your Healthcare Innovations

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Medical Patents

The medical and health industry evolves quickly, and the US Patent Office processes thousands of patent applications each year. When you have a medical innovation, a patent protects your intellectual property so you can keep making strides in the medical field.

Whether you create software that improves patient care, design new surgical instruments, or develop a new medical device, you need a medical patent attorney to protect your design and trade secrets. John Rizvi, Esq., The Patent Professor®, specializes in Intellectual Property Law.

John Rizvi, Esq., guides you through the patenting process, from inventorying your ideas to patent applications. He also defends your inventions against patent infringement. He provides legal services that allow you to continue creating new products and designs in the medical field.

How Do I Get a Medical Patent?

Patenting involves more than filling out an application. There are several steps to obtaining a patent that you must complete even before you apply.

Know When You Can and Should Patent

Two of the core requirements for a medical device patent are that the idea must be novel and apply to a physical item that you will create. If your design has previously appeared anywhere, even in conceptual art, it is not your original idea. That alone gives the United States Patent Office reason to deny you for a medical patent.

Type of Patent

You can choose from the following types of patents when you submit your application:

With medical technology and devices, utility patents most often apply. They pertain to machines and processes, including technology and original products, that further growth in these areas.

Prepare Your Application

When applying for a United States patent, you must follow specific rules before you submit your application. The best place to start is with a consultation with The Patent Professor®. John Rizvi can show you the preparation procedures and inform you of the associated application fees.

Submit Your Application

The application is more than a single document. You must also submit your design with visuals and written descriptions, as well as an oath and any related fees.

Consult an Examiner

After you submit your application, the US Patent Office will assign you an examiner. The examiner works with you to decide if your product or design is eligible for patenting.


Once the examiner decides that your idea is patentable, they will give you a Notice of Allowance. The Notice of Allowance is not enough to grant you approval, but it will show you which fees you must pay before you get the patent.

Patent Protection

Approval is not the last step to patenting. With the help of a medical patent attorney, you can protect your idea against patent infringement, so it remains your original property.

How Long Does a Medical Patent Last?

A United States medical patent lasts for 20 years. That applies to medical devices, technology, drugs, and other medical innovations.

During those 20 years, your intellectual property has patent protection, meaning no one can use your idea without permission. After the patent expires, you no longer have this protection.

Consider that you must also apply for a patent in other countries, as a US patent alone will not protect your idea worldwide.

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Get Help from a Certified Patent Attorney

John Rizvi, Esq., is a board-certified patent attorney. He can offer insight on how to patent your idea and make the process as efficient as possible for you. His nationally recognized expertise and commitment to the attorney-client relationship mean you receive the best legal services available.

The Patent Professor® has experience with IP strategy and medical patenting. He will defend you in patent infringement cases and patent prosecution when necessary.

If you are considering patenting your medical innovation, contact John Rizvi, Esq., your qualified medical patent attorney. Schedule your consultation today by calling (877) 731-5667, and ask what The Patent Professor® can do for you.

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