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Secure a Patent with an Aerospace Patent Attorney

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Do you have an idea to make an airplane or rocket safer, faster, or more efficient? Have you considered filing a patent to profit from and protect your intellectual property?

Whether you’re an aerospace engineer or involved in the aerospace industry, you know how competitive it is and how vital innovation is to keep a firm competitive. Your idea could help make a radical difference in the transportation industry, whether you choose to develop it yourself or license or sell it to a company like Boeing.

To ensure that your intellectual property is adequately protected, we strongly recommend working with an aerospace patent law firm like The Patent Professor®. Our board-certified firm has a rock-solid reputation for taking the hassle out of the patent filing process while ensuring that your patent application is ironclad and defensible.

What Is an Aerospace Patent?

An aerospace patent gives you exclusive rights to make, sell, or use an invention for a specific number of years (the exact timeframe depends on the type of patent you get).

Major aerospace companies in the U.S. and Europe hold about 30,000 patents and have another 30,000 or so in the application process. Given the size of this industry, it makes sense to see if you can profit from your idea, assuming it’s innovative.

Boeing, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin are the dominant patent holders. Sample patents include those in the areas of:

Why Should You Work with an Attorney to Get an Aerospace Patent?

Protecting your idea from copycats is helpful from a legal protection standpoint, but there’s more to a patent than that. The other top reasons to file patent applications are:

If you are employed with a company, you may or may not have rights to the patent if you developed your idea using your organization’s time and resources. Alternatively, your company could have a policy of sharing credit and profits. Consulting with an attorney before proceeding further is a prudent move to protect your rights and intellectual property.

What Makes a Successful Aerospace Patent?

Aerospace patents are highly technical, and not all patent applications are granted. It’s imperative that you work with an attorney that can help you outline and explain your idea in such a way that it shows your concept is unique and has merit.

You need an aerospace patent attorney with both technical knowledge and legal skill. Our focus on intellectual property law puts us in a unique position to help you draft and file a patent that protects your innovation and can be easily defended if challenged.

Work with a Board-Certified Patent Attorney

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the patent power of “the big guys.” The Patent Professor® is board-certified and specializes in patents and intellectual property. You’ll receive the best advice and get a fast answer about whether pursuing a patent application is the right choice for you.

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