10 Serial Inventor With Over 100 Patents Shares His Journey – Babak Forutanpour

In this week’s episode, we decided to bring inventor Babak Forutanpour on the show so that our viewers can ask him questions. Babak has over 100 patents on children’s toys, cell phone accessories, gym accessories, and more. He made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show and Fox Morning News. 
As a kid, Babak was interested in entrepreneurship and expressed that by having car washes, painting fences, and putting together magic shows. After college, he worked in Hollywood for ten years doing special effects for movies like Space Jam with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. Instead of pursuing his childhood passion as an entrepreneur or inventing, he enjoyed working in computer graphics and 3D.
Babak’s inventor mindset started to kick in when he worked at Qualcomm, a company that makes chips for cell phones. His creative problem-solving ability emerged in the lab conducting research that improved the camera phone’s quality to protect the company’s IP.
His experience at Qualcomm, combined with his entrepreneurial tenacity, inspired him to patent his first invention. Babak mentioned how working with a team can help improve an idea because everyone can ask questions and encourage each other to look at different perspectives. Driven by the team environment, it didn’t take long for Babak to reach 100 patents.
Besides working with a team, another component that helps Babak develop his patents is knowing the power of simple ideas. When it comes to inventing a product, you shouldn’t pressure yourself to design something completely new. Your idea can be simple and solve a problem. That’s what one of Babak’s latest inventions does.
The baker buddy is a patent product that allows you to bake at home with everything you need in one area. Its crescent shape can be placed over a mixing bowl and includes a trash can, mixing spoon holder, recipe card holder, and an egg cracker. Measuring ingredients is convenient with The Baker Buddy. With its compartment measuring cups, you can measure your ingredients and tilt the mixture into a mixing bowl.
He came up with the idea when his wife wanted to crack an egg directly into the bowl and not spill it over into the countertop. The Baker Buddy allows people who love baking not to have to deal with the messy clean-up process.
Inventing a new product and bringing it into the market is a skill that Babak has gained over the years. For new inventors, Babak encourages them to practice finding problems. In your daily routine, discover three things that need to be approved.
What annoyances are you dealing with in your daily routine? Inventions like the coffee sleeves prevent you from burning your fingers with a hot cup of coffee. Once you find an annoyance, you can develop your idea and protect it with a bulletproof patent.
If you have an idea that you want to protect, contact our office to schedule a free discovery call. We can discuss more in-depth what will be best for you to begin the journey of moving full throttle with your idea.

9 – A Natural and Pesticide Free Alternative to Pest Control – Inventor of Stay Away® – Kari Warberg Block

Kari is the inventor of Stay Away®, a natural and pesticide free alternative to pest control. Kari was originally a farm wife concerned with the collateral damage she had to deal with every time a rodent would ruin her crops. Existent pest control measures were unsafe, putting herself, her family, her pets, and pests in danger. Her compassion for animals allowed her to create a product that wouldn’t use harmful chemicals and pesticide to kill pests but rather urge them away from her crops. This innovation inspired Kari to create Stay Away®! Kari speaks with The Patent Professor® about all the trials and tribulations that led her to success. Primarily, Kari dealt with a lot of financial issues when trying to get her iconic idea off the ground. Kari also faced intimidation throughout the beginning of her process because she lacked the education experience that was often needed to create a product like this. She says that recognizing innovation is brought into the world by inventors can help combat these feelings. Kari emphasizes that persistence, asking for help from other inventors, and simply realizing that “the problem presents the solution” is what brings true success.


8 – Shush It’s a Secret! – Inventor of Hanging Secrets® – Frances Prado

The Patent Professor® has a chance to talk to Frances Prado, CEO of Ageless Beautiful Clever Creations, LLC and inventor of Hanging Secrets®. Prado’s story is one of humble beginnings with her family immigrating to Southern California and working in the fields under extreme conditions. Prado and her family battled homelessness, forcing her to live in survival mode during her childhood. This same resilience and strength gave her the courage to put forth her idea to better organize women’s intimates!“It takes a woman to know what a woman needs,” says Frances when discusses how she came up with her useful product. Hanging Secrets® addresses a widespread issue many women face with trying to organize and preserve their intimate garments. Prado also mentions how important it is to just get your idea out of your head and on paper. Her action is what has made her a successful inventor today! Being amongst the 7% of female inventors, Frances hopes to encourage and inspire other women to take action towards their dreams.

7 – Window & Door Industry – Inventor of FlexScreen® – Joe Altieri

Joe Altieri is the inventor of FlexScreen, a revolutionary product in the window and home industry. FlexScreen is easy to use, clean, and store. It can be installed and removed with minimum effort. Another great feature of the flexible window screen is that it’s undetected so that homeowners can enjoy their window view. Like many other successful garage inventors, Joe started working on his prototype in his garage. There were many sleepless nights in Joe’s early stages of inventing FlexScreen, but he was determined to find a suitable material that would stick to the mesh portion of the window screen. He was so eager to discover a solution that he would forget to eat, and his wife would have to bring food to the garage. Although Joe had the support of his wife, the window and door industry was resistant to the innovative change that the FlexScreen brought to the market. Joe started to market to homeowners and then manufacturers began to take an interest in FlexScreen. This approach allowed Joe to gain success with his product. After overcoming challenges, Joe Altieri made an appearance on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. After pitching FlexScreen to the sharks, he was able to strike a deal with Lori Greiner, “The Queen of QVC.” Since the show, FlexScreen generated 5 million in sales and expanded distribution to five manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. Joe’s advice to other inventors is to keep it simple and understand that it will take delayed gratification to reach success.

6 – BetterBlocks® – Toy Inventor Generating Over $75 Million in Revenue – Warren Wilson

The Patent Professor® had the opportunity to sit down with Warren Wilson, the inventor of BetterBlocks®! In this interview, Wilson discusses how an idea he didn’t even consider to be one of his best became so successful. BetterBlocks® is a toy comprised of building blocks with over $75 million in revenue. When Wilson started pitching the idea to potential investors, he was thousands of dollars in debt but didn’t let that stop him. Wilson talks about the challenges associated with creating an idea and getting it off the ground. “A successful inventor comes from the inside out,” he says as he explains that oftentimes the first step is the hardest but you must keep going to achieve greatness. Wilson also mentions how having a team of people who loved his product and were supportive of his innovation was crucial for BetterBlocks® to be the first competitor against Lego®. The Patent Professor® and Wilson end this conversation by emphasizing that knowledge is helpful, but action is imperative. Wilson’s persistence and curiosity allowed him to be one of the most successful toy inventors in the market. He reflects on this as he talks about how BetterBlocks® allowed him to touch the lives of his customers and how this by far is his greatest accomplishment.

5 – Marketing & Public Relations Tips and Strategies for Inventors from CastMedic Inventor – Christina Daves

Christina Daves, inventor of CastMedic, shares her journey to success as an inventor. After injuring her foot and being subjected to wearing an ugly medical boot, Christina frantically searched the web for medical boot fashion pieces. When she was unable to find any, Christina knew she had to invent some. With previous entrepreneurship experience, including owning a retail store, Christina thought that starting her medical boots accessories company would come naturally, but it didn’t. As with most inventors, Christina needed money and exposure. Christina tells us how she dealt with setback after setback but still managed to get free publicity and marketing to promote CastMedic.

4 – The Lucrative Inventor Power Couple – Mary Lou & Dennis Green

The journey to success for an inventor is never easy but perseverance and believing in yourself can get through the rollercoaster ride. Mary Lou and Dennis Green are creative entrepreneurs who began developing useful products in the 1970s and invented the notable Sneaker Balls. Mary Lou and Dennis have been married and innovating for over 40 years together. Aside from their booming inventions, they have also written many books including the #1 Amazon bestseller, SHARK PITCH: How to Sell Anything to Anyone Even if You Hate Selling.  On this week’s episode of The Patent Professor® Podcast Series, we get to explore how Mary Lou and Dennis Green’s shared curiosity has led them to fall in love and create over 50 inventions that have produced over 120 million dollars in revenue.

3 – Making selfies more accessible with Wayne Fromm, Inventor of the Selfie Stick

Often times one of the biggest dilemmas faced by inventors is ensuring that their idea is something useful that hasn’t been thought of or created before. When Wayne Fromm invented the QuickPod™, thankfully it was the first iteration of the “Selfie Stick.” Still, Fromm had to consider prior art that already existed related to his product. Fromm also faced problems with releasing this product and trying to get his audience to understand its functionality. Fromm’s invention has had a revenue of over a billion dollars in sales as it came into the market before selfies were popular. For this episode of the The Patent Professor® Podcast Series, we get an inside look of what led to Fromm’s genius invention and how he was able to create something that was different from the rest.

2 – The Grandfather of Possibilities & Inventor of the Credit Card Magnetic Strip – Ron Klein

Many believe that in order to be capable of innovation, one must be an inventor by default. Ron Klein challenges this as he talks about what led him to create a simple solution to a complex problem. In the 1960s, Klein was sought out by a major department store to solve a tedious problem. When a customer went to purchase a product with their credit card, clerks would have to search through lengthy lists provided by credit card companies in order to complete transactions. Klein mimicked the mechanism of a tape recorder to create the magnetic strip that would hold all the necessary card information to complete a purchase. In this episode, John Rizvi – The Patent Professor® sits down with Ron Klein to discuss the big impact of tiny inventions and how these led to Klein’s mega success!

1 – Inventor of the Infomercial & the Original Shark on Shark Tank – Kevin Harrington

One myth about successful entrepreneurs is that they must have had an easy path to acquire success. That is furthest from the truth. Every successful entrepreneur has a launching pad. Harrington’s launching pad started when he worked at his dad’s bar as a dishwasher and server. Even though he didn’t see himself in the restaurant industry, he became exposed to the idea of starting his own business at the age of 11, working 40 hours a week. This experience led him to his first entrepreneurial endeavor at 15 years old, sealing driveways. In this episode, Kevin Harrington and John Rizvi  – The Patent Professor® talks about his journey in launching 500 products that generated billions in sales, why it’s important to have a mentor, his invention of the infomercial, and much more!

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