3 – Making selfies more accessible with Wayne Fromm, Inventor of the Selfie Stick

Often times one of the biggest dilemmas faced by inventors is ensuring that their idea is something useful that hasn’t been thought of or created before. When Wayne Fromm invented the QuickPod™, thankfully it was the first iteration of the “Selfie Stick.” Still, Fromm had to consider prior art that already existed related to his product. Fromm also faced problems with releasing this product and trying to get his audience to understand its functionality. Fromm’s invention has had a revenue of over a billion dollars in sales as it came into the market before selfies were popular. For this episode of the The Patent Professor® Podcast Series, we get an inside look of what led to Fromm’s genius invention and how he was able to create something that was different from the rest.

2 – The Grandfather of Possibilities & Inventor of the Credit Card Magnetic Strip – Ron Klein

Many believe that in order to be capable of innovation, one must be an inventor by default. Ron Klein challenges this as he talks about what led him to create a simple solution to a complex problem. In the 1960s, Klein was sought out by a major department store to solve a tedious problem. When a customer went to purchase a product with their credit card, clerks would have to search through lengthy lists provided by credit card companies in order to complete transactions. Klein mimicked the mechanism of a tape recorder to create the magnetic strip that would hold all the necessary card information to complete a purchase.  In this episode, John Rizvi – The Patent Professor® sits down with Ron Klein to discuss the big impact of tiny inventions and how these led to Klein’s mega success!

1 – Inventor of the Infomercial & the Original Shark on Shark Tank – Kevin Harrington

One myth about successful entrepreneurs is that they must have had an easy path to acquire success. That is furthest from the truth. Every successful entrepreneur has a launching pad. Harrington’s launching pad started when he worked at his dad’s bar as a dishwasher and server. Even though he didn’t see himself in the restaurant industry, he became exposed to the idea of starting his own business at the age of 11, working 40 hours a week. This experience led him to his first entrepreneurial endeavor at 15 years old, sealing driveways. In this episode, Kevin Harrington and John Rizvi  – The Patent Professor® talks about his journey in launching 500 products that generated billions in sales, why it’s important to have a mentor, his invention of the infomercial, and much more!

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