My Client David Cogswell’s Toilet Air Purifier Debuts on the Home Shopping Network!

With his toilet air purifier already already selling well at Walmart, Costco, Sharper Image, Brookstone, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and a number of other retailers, my client and individual inventor, David Cogswell, was recently on TV on the Home Shopping Network.

Below is a video clip of him at the launch of his new toilet air purifier on TV:

Cogswell Air Purifier in American Stores

I am incredibly proud of my client David Cogswell and his hard work and determination in successfully bringing the idea for his toilet air purifier to market.

Today, he is patented in the United States and China, and throughout Europe, and has pending patents in most major countries across the world.  Yes, this is the work of The Patent Professor® at his best.


But, the real credit goes to David and inventors like him that refuse to accept the status quo.

It all starts with an idea.

And David's story is no different. He became increasingly annoyed at the odor present in bathroom toilets and the off-putting and noisy fans that were touted as solutions.

David Lee Cogswell - Inventor of the Toilet Air Purifier

Most people would just learn to live with the things that bother them. But my clients are not like most people and David was no exception.

Inventors don’t look at the world the way everyone else does.  What makes inventors different is that they set out to change the things that annoy them.

At first, David was embarrassed to tell me about his idea.  “It solves an annoying problem”, he said sheepishly, having to do with toilet odor.

And that is when I knew he was on to something.

You see, small annoying problems have HUGE POTENTIAL!

Take Sara Blakely, for example.

Sara Blakely - Inventor of Spanx

Sara Blakely was working in Florida lugging fax machines around and her company forced her to wear pantyhose.  She found the discomfort of pantyhose annoying and she cut the toes off the hose. 

By cutting the toes off, she found that she could remain cooler and more comfortable while still having a slimming effect on her waistline and a professional appearance.

She poured her savings into a prototype and today her product line, Spanx®,  is valued at over a billion dollars.

Sara became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire and made Time Magazine’s list of the top 100 most influential people in the world – all because she paid attention to the small annoyances of life. 

Like my client David Cogswell did by noticing stinky toilets and refusing to believe that this was something that we just had to live with.

David decided to do something about it.  What started as little more than an idea evolved over time as he tirelessly worked to perfect his design.

Eventually, the Cogswell Toilet Air Purifier morphed into an inconspicuous, non-toxic, safe and QUIET toilet air purifier.

As his patent attorney, David gave me his prototype to test at home and the thing is pure genius and successfully stood up to rigid testing in my household of five kids.

Way to go David!!!

But what about you?  What small irritating things are you simply “living with” because you assume that they have to be that way?

How many of you bought coffee this morning? Did your fingers get TOO HOT holding the paper cup? 

Well ​Jay Sorenson, the inventor of the JAVA Jacket® decided to do something about it.  He created a simple cardboard sleeve that goes around a coffee cup.  Sorenson’s company  sells $1 billion of sleeves per year.

Java Jacket Patent By Sorenson

Or were tired of hitting the bottom of a bottle to get the last bits of ketchup out?

Upside Down Ketchup Bottle Invention

Or have you gotten tired of eating your laundry detergent with a spoon.

Tide Pods Patent

Just kidding, don’t eat detergent.  Please. 

As a patent attorney, I’ve had my fair share of clients that have seen incredible success by finding the “pantyhose” in their lives. .

Take Alex Gomez.   

Alex was a medical student that got annoyed by surgical camera lenses fogging up in the operating room.

Alex created a HEATED LENS DEFOGGER for surgical cameras. 

The lens defogger he invented has been used in over a million surgeries.

And 2 years after I filed his patent, Alex sold his company for 100 million dollars. 

Alex Gomez Medical Device Patent in Newspapers

All because he noticed a little fog on a camera lens…and did something about it.

I am enamored by little things.  Small little annoyances matter.

They matter in our relationships, they matter in our daily lives, and they matter with the things that we create.

So, ask yourself – where is the toilet odor in your life?  Be like my client David Cogswell, and find a solution to it.

That small improvement in your life and the lives of others might just be the thing that shapes your legacy – and it might just change the world. 

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