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Registered Patent Agent

David Colls is a Patent Agent (Reg No. 76,115) at the law office of John Rizvi, P.A. He assists the firm in drafting patent applications including design patent applications, provisional patent applications, and non-provisional applications.

About David Colls

David have extensive knowledge in foreign filing matters and work with clients on various patent related matters.

David is an Alumni of Walla Walla University, graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently attending Nova Southeastern University – Shepard Broad College of Law to become a patent attorney.

“This firm has a wonderful reputation and is a great place to work. The firm places high value on their employees and encourages them to grow, learn and innovate within the company. This means that employees work happily and have no interest in going elsewhere. This type of environment leads to quality work, which our clients can attest to.”
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David Colls
Patent Agent
When David is not glued to a computer screen, he enjoys spending time with his family, scuba diving with his twin brother, mountaineering, skiing, and traveling with his family and friends. No matter how busy life gets, he always try to keep a healthy balance between my work-life, school, and personal time off.

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