6 Inventions to Ease your Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is here and the states across the southern parts of the U.S. are bracing for another phase of widespread destruction. But true

Hurricane season is here and the states across the southern parts of the U.S. are bracing for another phase of widespread destruction. But true as it is, necessity is the mother of invention, and the availability of patented hurricane preparedness inventions has gone up in recent times. Most of these inventions lessen the extent of destruction and help in preparing for a hurricane. And a few of these are extremely helpful while grappling with the devastating aftermath of hurricanes. 

Some of the very potent ones are:

1.Hurricane and Storm Panels and Wind Abatement Screens

If you are living in a hurricane or heavy tropical storm susceptible area, you may consider installing Storm Shutters as an advanced level of protection for your house and your family. It will be worthy to mention that installing storm shutters also adds an extra layer of monetary protection while saving you from the expensive hurricane damages. What are the parameters to be checked while searching for Storm Shutters and Panels? Given the criticality of the product and its usage, impact-resistance testing and subsequent ratings on that are the first ones that need research. Followed by pricing and esthetics.

Storm-Busters Clearview Hurricane Panels are durable, lightweight, and affordable options available for hurricane protection. This is ideal for both commercial and residential usage. Storm-Busters Clearview Hurricane Panels is currently patent pending.

The Storm Catcher Screens and panels are essentially lightweight, durable and easily available. The Storm Panels are usually made out of polypropylene or tightly weaved densely porous material and are very easy to install and maintain. These all add up to give an extra mile of coverage to your home doors, windows, patio, and pool. They are ideal for covering larger outdoor spaces and saving them from flying debris that usually accompanies gusty hurricane wind.

2. LifeSaver Bottle

Water is that basic necessity which we tend to forget about or just arrange for a few packages of bottled water which runs out quickly. When preparing for a natural calamity, we usually do not have a timeline of when we will return to normalcy. It is during such times that inventions like the LifeSaver Bottle are truly appreciated. LifeSaver Solo Emergency Preparedness Pack or the Family Emergency Preparedness Pack can turn dirty water from the lakes or tap into safe drinking water instantly. This is a must-have in the hurricane preparedness kit.

3. LuminAid Light

Power lines not being restored for days or even weeks is not unheard of in the event of a natural calamity. Hurricanes can snap off electricity lines and are also turned off to avoid further casualties and mishaps. LuminAid powerful lanterns can keep you going during the days without power. 

4. A long-life generator

An inverter generator with long-running capacity, more power, low on emission, and a big fuel tank is another valuable addition to the hurricane preparedness list. Consider looking at the Honda EB3000c. It is a lightweight, industrial grade generator and has been ranked highly for years and boasts of the patented CycloConvertor Technology. It is tested to run for long hours and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

5. Thinx for Female Sanitation

One of the most overlooked aspects during the hurricane or any natural calamity preparation is female sanitation. By this, we do not only mean putting up portable toilets but hygienic ways to deal with female sanitation including menstruation. Thinx is revolutionary in this aspect with its period-absorbing underwear. Visit Thinx to know more about how it can help women when a hurricane strikes. 

6. Portable Solar Stoves for heating frozen or pre-packed foods

Solar ovens can be your lifesaver during the days after the hurricane when there’s no power. There are many variants available, try looking at the Go Sport Solar Ovens.

There can be many more additions to this list. Heavy-duty emergency blankets, sleeping bags, pre-packaged non-perishable food, a first-aid kit, a go-to gear bag like the Sustain Co. 72-hour Emergency Bag, lighters, flashlights, a whistle, a multi-tool can all be part of the hurricane kit. Progress of science and technology has offered many practical solutions towards hurricane preparedness and managing the aftermath. Not to mention the fact that these innovations work towards lessening the mammoth monetary impact from the devastation. Do you know or have contributed towards any such hurricane preparedness inventions? Tell us about it.

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