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The Patent Professor® is the leading platform for advising, educating, and helping inventors nationwide in protecting their ideas. Founded and led by Prof. John Rizvi's, Esq., a Board Certified Patent Attorney, with specialized industry experience, having completed over 1,200 patent cases over the past 20 years.

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I’ve been working with John since 2010 on a pet product that is almost ready to go to market. He was always there to answer my questions along with some great legal findings that work to my advantage. The process was seamless, I received a patent – 16 out of 20 claims were granted. He was on top of everything, very accessible and he just runs a very professional team...they were extremely helpful, answering my questions quickly and returning my calls quickly. John is a Dreammaker!

Stewart Lovenvirth, Inventor of Litterzap

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Patent Attorney Prof. John Rizvi's, Esq. experience in assisting inventors and entrepreneurs with securing intellectual property rights.

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How Does Tax Affect The “Superstar” Immigrant Inventor?

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