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The Patent Professor® is the leading platform for advising, educating, and helping inventors nationwide in protecting their ideas. Founded and led by Prof. John Rizvi's, Esq., a Board Certified Patent Attorney, with specialized industry experience, having completed over 1,200 patent cases over the past 20 years.

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Three Steps to Profit from your (Patented) Idea

Three Steps to Profit from your (Patented) Idea

You have an idea that may change the world or revolutionize an industry. However, until your patent is filed, recorded and locked down with the USPTO, it’s up for grabs by other nefarious entrepreneurs who would love to profit from your idea. Do you really wish to sit on the ..Continue Reading

Unravelling History’s Telephone Patent Controversy:  Alexander Graham Bell Vs. Elisha Gray

Unravelling History’s Telephone Patent Controversy: Alexander Graham Bell Vs. Elisha Gray

Inventor titans of history have battled it out to get their invention patented first. Those that did are fondly remembered including Alexander Graham Bell and his famous invention, the telephone. However, not many remember Elisha Gray, an electrical engineer, who many consider the true inventor of the device, who narrowly ..Continue Reading

D.I.Y. Patent Search Dangers

D.I.Y. Patent Search Dangers

Sure, the Internet has given inventors the power to file patents themselves without the help of a board certified attorney. But, boy, can things go wrong with this approach including easily choosing wrong keyword associations when doing your initial patent search. Let’s review some of the risks of this approach…

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