Why Do I Need A Patent
Don’t lose rights to your idea and the potential profits associated with a successful product launch in your industry sector.
Filing for a patent with the U.S. government is not a trivial matter: patent applications are considered to be the most difficult legal documents to draft; they must meet extremely strict governmental guidelines which means there is little for room for error if you decide to move forward with the process. What makes this process even more challenging for inventors, startups and entrepreneurs is the plethora of emerging (and dubious) patent prep ‘shops’ which promise the world but ultimately fail to bring your patent across the finish line due to short-cut tactics, inadequate patent research, and a vague understanding of how patent law actually operates. This video, I hope, will give you some deeper insight into the overall patent process and the dangers that lurk for new inventors seeking to protect and ultimately profit from their idea. If you have any questions, please use the form below.

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