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Dear Inventors,

Last week was my wife Saba’s birthday (September 26).  

However, there was a problem. 

As some of you guys know, I had a major speech before 75 or so lawyers at the Broward County Bar Association dinner that conflicted with this date.  There was no way that I could change the date.

Bummer. With 5 kids, Saba and I don’t get to go out as much as we would like and what better excuse than a birthday to do so.

So I did the next best thing - I invited Saba to the dinner.

Yup, a nice romantic dinner with just her and me AND 75 of the most lovable people anywhere à LAWYERS.

The Broward Bar allowed Saba to attend as a “non-lawyer guest” although the dinners are typically limited to lawyers only.

She was nervous about being the only spouse there and the only non-lawyer in attendance (she is a dentist after all!).

“What am I going to talk about --- teeth?”, she asked me.

But being a good sport, she agreed to accompany me anyway and I was glad because I wanted to surprise her with a mention from the stage.

My full speech you might find too boring and much of it you have heard already in my TED talks, etc….....but here is a video of the surprise mention of her during the last couple minutes of the speech:

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Read the full article which inspired this post on my Linkedin profile.   I look forward to hearing your viewpoints or thoughts on this post. 

And for anyone that IS INTERESTED in the full speech, here’s the link to that:

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