Three Steps to Profit from your (Patented) Idea
You have an idea that may change the world or revolutionize an industry. However, until your patent is filed, recorded and locked down with the USPTO, it’s up for grabs by other nefarious entrepreneurs who would love to profit from your idea. Do you really wish to sit on the sidelines and watch your rivals get rich and famous off your idea? Filing for a copyright, trademark or patent is the first step in building a protective moat around your idea under patent law. My goal is to make sure that anyone who uses or licenses your idea pays you royalties. I have the experience to do this since over the last 20 years I have filed over 1,200 patent cases in numerous industries. If you are concerned that hostile interests may be gunning for your idea or patent, then watch my video below and contact me using the form on this page. All correspondence is strictly confidential and I will help offer some initial guidance, no matter what stage of the patent process you find yourself in.

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