Top 10 TED Inventor Talks - John Rizvi on Inventors Digest

Professor John Rizvi is widely recognized as a thought leader in the world of patents and inventing. Recently, two of his TED Talks made the Inventor's Digest listing of the Top 10 TED Talks for Inventors!

TEDx Talk #1

“When Launching Your Idea Full Throttle is the Only Option”

In my TED talk, I tell the story of a client of mine that dropped out of medical school to pursue his invention.  He endured the skepticism of his peers and went against incredible odds to bring his idea to market.

Today, his surgical camera lens defogging device has been used in over a million surgeries and saves lives every day.  He ended up selling rights to the idea for a $100 million.

TEDx Talk #2

The proverbial “million dollar idea” that people spend their entire lives pursuing may actually be a seemingly tiny, insignificant thing that has been in their peripheral vision all along.  In this TED talk, I describe how small simple ideas that may seem obvious in hindsight, have changed entire industries and made many inventors incredibly wealthy in the process.     Sometimes it is the little things that count in finding patentable subject matter and success as an inventor because innovation depends often depends upon incremental improvement.

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