Santiago Leras De Leon

Meet Santiago Leras De Leon

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Patent Engineer

Santiago Leras is a Patent Prosecution Legal Assistant. He is essential in aiding the Patent Prosecution department with each client case.

About Santiago Leras De Leon

Santiago Leras is a Patent Engineer at our law firm with a degree in Chemical Engineering with experience in a wide variety of technical disciplines including mechanical and software-related applications.

He also works closely with our patent illustration team, attorneys, and agents and as a liaison with our inventors to get applications to the filing stage as soon as possible.

When it comes to understanding inventions and collecting some of the missing parts of the puzzle for the invention disclosure, Santiago is one of our go-to rockstars!

As an important part of our client journey, Santiago also aids in educating inventors when they are patent-pending and helps guide them along their client journey.

He is an essential part of our Patent Prosecution department and our client journey.


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