Success! My Client Awarded Patent For Concealed Carry Pouch in Law Enforcement Arena

My client and serial inventor and law enforcement officer, Giddel Casadesus, has hit it out of the park with his new concealed carry pouch!

Today, his invention is being used by officers and civilians all over the country to carry 9mm, 40 or 45 caliber magazines….and after a long and hard-fought battle, his patent was just awarded to him.

Here he is pictured with HIS baby—I’m just the proud OB-GYN!

Normally, cases for storing handcuffs, handcuff keys or magazines are bulky, rigid and heavy, in order to provide a secure and robust housing of such sensitive items.

However, bulky cases are not easy to conceal beneath ordinary clothes. Thus, undercover agents, officers and investigators who work in plain clothes, and law enforcement officers who are off duty may have trouble carrying their equipment concealed beneath their clothes, compromising their personal safety and that of the people around them.

Giddel correctly identified a need for an alternative case for carrying accessories for law enforcement officers, and particularly for a concealable case capable of safely retaining a spare ammunition magazine, a pair of handcuffs, and a handcuffs key. Such a case would be particularly advantageous for off-duty law enforcement officers who wish to comfortably carry their sensitive equipment at hand, yet hidden beneath their clothes.

The present invention overcomes the deficiencies mentioned above by providing a lightweight, belt-worn case capable of retaining a spare ammunition magazine, a pair of handcuffs, and a handcuffs key, a pen or a similarly elongated item. The belt-worn case includes a front panel and a back panel, at least one of which is made of a relatively flexible, stretchable, resilient material.

The back panel and front panel are coupled forming three storage compartments configured to respectively store an ammunition magazine, a pair of handcuffs, and a handcuffs key, a pen or the like. The back panel and/or the front panel are elastically deformable and can be expanded to facilitate insertion of the magazine, handcuffs and handcuffs key, pen or the like; the back panel and/or front panel are resiliently deformable and return to a less expanded but partially tensioned state to provide a tight grip of the aforementioned items once they are inserted into their corresponding compartments.

The case includes several strap assemblies for securing to a belt. The strap assemblies are attached to the back panel, preferably behind the magazine storage compartment and the handcuffs storage compartment, respectively arranged on each side of the handcuff key storage compartment.

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