Have you developed the next “killer app”? If you believe that you have come up with a unique mobile app that is useful, novel, and unlike anything else in production, then contact The Patent Professor today. You are within your legal right to protect your intellectual property from “copycat” developers, and we want to help you take advantage of your unique idea. The Patent Professor has over 20 years of experience helping clients get patents for their inventions, and although mobile apps have not been around the whole time we have been doing our work, we certainly have extensive experience with them. Read more below about mobile app patents, the process of applying for one, and how The Patent Professor can make this process stress-free and simple.

What Is a Mobile App Patent?

A patent is a legal device that protects the patent-holder from people stealing their intellectual property for a set amount of years. During this time, they have complete control over the production, sales, and distribution of their patented product that they are free to utilize as they see fit. A mobile app patent has the same legal protection as any other utility patent.

How Long Does My Mobile App Patent Last?

Your mobile app patent is considered a utility patent by the USPTO, meaning that you are given 20 years of legal protection from the day your patent is issued.

How Can The Patent Professor Help?

The patent application process can be complicated and overwhelming for even the most experienced inventors. When we are working with you, we will walk you through every step of the process and ensure that you have your best chance of being approved. Read more about our process below:

Patent Research

We have over 20 years of experience in patent applications, and have an extensive understanding of how to best make a submission. At the start, we will work with you to research all existing patents to ensure that there is a high likelihood that the USPTO will determine your mobile app to be unique and novel. We find this research to be absolutely essential, so that our clients do not go through the entire application process only to discover that their idea was already patented.


Submitting a complete patent application is an exhausting task, and is highly detailed and involved. We understand that you know your mobile app better than anyone else, which is why we will work to be sure that you include every relevant detail in your required documentation. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a rejected application back because of a procedural error, and the time can seem to drag when waiting for your amended application to be reviewed. We will go through your application before submission to ensure that we have done everything possible to get your submission approved the first time. While we pore over the details, you can use this time to plan how you will capitalize on your app once you have full legal protection.

Patent Approval

After your patent application is approved and you receive an official patent from the USPTO, we will then work with you to explain all of the benefits that your patent grants you. A patent is meant to encourage innovation while giving inventors and businesspeople the courage to take their ideas to market, without the fear of having their IP stolen from a competitor. You will be able to move into the market and focus entirely on bringing your product to the world, not trying to fight back knock-off apps that are diluting your brand.

Contact Us Today

If you believe that you have developed a unique and useful mobile app, and want to explore your legal options to protect it, contact The Patent Professor today. We will be happy to help you through this process, and get you one step closer to success.