Do you believe that you have invented a novel and unique idea for jewelry? If so, it is time that you begin working on getting a patent and protecting your intellectual property. A patent is a legal tool that protects inventors from having their ideas copied or stolen, and instead gives them the sole rights to production, distribution, sales, and licensing for a set period of time. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) handles patent applications, and grants them depending on a series of criteria. The criteria will change depending on the type of patent you are applying for (design, utility, or plant), but for any invention to be eligible, it must be unique, non-obvious, and novel. The Patent Professor has over 20 years of experience in the world of patents and will work with you to ensure that your jewelry idea is legally protected so that you can capitalize on your invention without the fear of knockoff brands diluting your value in the market. Contact us today to discuss how we can help, and read more below about our process.

What Is a Jewelry Patent?

Jewelry Patents A jewelry patent is not a particular type of patent; instead, it is a class of either a design or utility patent. There are only three main patents: utility, design, or plant, and under these, we will designate the actual application of your patent after determining its parent patent. There are many pieces of jewelry that are already patented, and has a variety of possibilities such as watch movements, necklace functions, or anything else imaginable.

Can I File for a Design Patent for Jewelry?

If you have come up with an idea that serves as only a unique aesthetic, and does not perform a function, then you can file to patent that as your own unique property. This is a good idea in jewelry because a big part of the industry is about setting your designs apart from others. This is exactly what a design patent is for.

Can I File for a Utility Patent for Jewelry?

A utility patent must serve a function, so as long as your jewelry has a useful, unique function, then you may be eligible to patent it. This could be something like a new and innovative clasp for a bracelet, or a method of linking gems. In some cases, an invention may need both a design and utility patent to fully protect the idea.

What Can a Jewelry Patent Do for You?

Jewelry Patents If you question the benefits of a jewelry patent, there are a few things you should know. For instance, you should realize that the jewelry industries is heavily competitive. Any edge over the competition is a huge advantage. Although there are several ways to gain that advantage, a patent could be your best option. A patent on your jewelry idea gives you complete protection. It prohibits anyone else from selling or using your idea. For that reason, you will be the only competitor with that design or product. A patent gives you exclusivity, which is invaluable. But is also comes with another benefit. It gives you the ability to profit from your idea. In the jewelry industry, business owners are eager to jump on new ideas. You may be able to sell your patent or your license to another individual. Selling or licensing your patent could be the most lucrative option for your idea. For instance, you may not have the resources to market your product to the masses. However, another business owner might have the means. You could sell your licensing rights to them, and make royalties every time they sell one of your products. Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about issues like manufacturing or sales. If you plan on keeping your idea, you could still benefit from a patent. You don’t need to waste time policing your idea. Individuals without patents need to always be on the lookout for prying eyes in the jewelry industry. A spy or former employee could share your idea with a competitor. Then, you would be left with no legal recourse. Fortunately, a patent keeps your idea safe. Although you need to be wary of others who may be violating your patent rights, you can take action against them. You don’t need to rely on the word of others to keep your idea your private intellectual property.

Can I File for a Jewelry Patent?

If you believe that you have come up with a unique invention in the jewelry world, then you may be able to file for a patent to protect your idea. Now, you must begin the application process. Read more below about how The Patent Professor will help you through your application, and help you to your ultimate goal of getting a patent for your ideas.

Patent Research

Before we begin filing your application, we will first to extensive research in order to determine the validity of your idea, the uniqueness, and the likelihood of being granted a patent for the particular intellectual property. This is a complex, but an essential, first step in the process, so we can be sure we are moving in the right direction.

Application Process

Jewelry Patents The application for a US patent can be arduous, which is why having the help of an experienced attorney is a great help. We will work on your patent application to ensure that it is complete before filing, and in the time you save, you will be able to focus on how you will develop your invention once receiving your legal protection.

Submission and Approval

Once we have determined that your application is complete, we will submit for you, and handle any issues that arise during the submission process. Once your submission is accepted by the USPTO, we will work with you to ensure that you understand how to fully utilize your patent to promote your ideas and capitalize on your intellectual property.

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If you are considering filing a patent for a unique idea, contact us today and we will explain the process in greater detail, and determine if we are a good fit for your needs. Our experience will be a tremendous asset for your future.