Fishing Patents Anglers are a passionate group of people, and dedicated to their sport. If you believe that you have developed a new technology that will enhance the fishing experience, catch counts, or ease of use, then you may find yourself with a very receptive niche market. However, it is important that you determine the true uniqueness of your invention before taking it to the general market, and it is highly advised that you seek a patent for your invention so you do not lose out on your intellectual property. The Patent Professor has over 20 years of experience helping our clients bring their ideas into fruition with the help of patent protection through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and we would be happy to walk you through the proc ess as well. Read more below about patents, and how we can help you with your unique fishing idea.

What Is a Patent?

A patent is a legal tool that protects inventors from having their intellectual property used by other people for a set number of years. If your fishing invention is something based on appearance, and not function, then we will work with you to apply for a design patent. However, if your unique idea is in regards to a specific way that the item functions, then we will apply for a utility patent. In order for an invention to qualify for a patent from the USPTO, the office must determine that it is unique, non-obvious, and useful. If it is not found to meet this criterion, then you will not be able to get a patent. Once you are granted a patent for your invention, you will have a certain number of years that you have exclusive rights to the production, sales, and distribution of your intellectual property. During this time, you can capitalize on your invention without worrying about replicants in the market, focusing instead on growing your business.

Why Should You Get a Patent?

Some people underestimate the importance of a patent. But it could be the most important thing you do for your invention. Often, the biggest challenge facing businesses in the fishing industry is competition. A patent eliminates the competition and puts your business at the forefront. This is because it gives you up to 20 years of protection. There are some exceptions to the 20-year rule, but no patent is permanent. In the 20 years or less, no one else can compete with your product. By law, they cannot sell your fishing product or service. Another reason to seek a patent is the licensing rights. If you don’t have the means or drive to market your fishing invention, you can get paid to let someone else do the work. When you have a patent, you can sell license your patent or sell the rights to it. This allows you to make money off of your fishing invention without putting in the hours. In some cases, other businesses are willing to pay big money to get their hands on an invention. You can opt to grant rights exclusively to one business or to sell them to multiple businesses. There are benefits to both options. Additionally, you may choose to receive royalties for the money made from your invention. Before you sell, you should discuss the possibilities with an attorney. Finally, having a patent allows you to be more open about your fishing invention. You don’t need to worry about trade secrets. Typically, trade secrets are risky and time-consuming. Information can get out, and that information can destroy your business. With a patent, you can forget about trade secrets. You can rely on the protection of your patent to keep your invention safe. Although trade secrets do have a place in business, they come at a cost. You can speak to a lawyer to determine whether or not a patent can replace the need for a trade secret.

Can I Patent My Fishing Invention?

Fishing Patents

If you have come up with a unique invention for fishing, we will be happy to discuss your options with you. First, we will need to determine the nature of your invention, and then go into a research phase to determine that it is truly unique. Read more about the process we will take you through below.

How Can The Patent Professor Help With My Invention?

The patent application process is extremely complicated, and can be an overwhelming experience even for seasoned inventors. When we work with our clients, we walk them through each step of the application to ensure that they have the best chances of being approved.

Patent Research

First, we will research existing patents and the nature of your invention to determine that it is truly unique. Once we conclude our research, we will come to you with a recommendation on the likelihood of your patent being approved based on its uniqueness and usefulness. This research is a time-consuming part of our process, but we find it to be absolutely essential. There is nothing more disconcerting than going through the entire application, only to receive a rejection on your application because your idea is too similar to an existing patent.


Submitting a completed application is exhausting, but it is very important that every detail and document is submitted properly. We will work with you through your application process, where we will combine your expert knowledge of your invention with our history of application experience. It can be very frustrating to have your application rejected because of a procedural error, and we want to make sure that we submit everything the first time. While we are working out the details on your application, you can continue to focus on your invention and how you plan to capitalize on it once you receive patent protection.

Patent Approval

Once you receive your patent approval, we will sit with you to ensure that you understand the full scope of the protections you have been granted. The United States allows patents so that there is an “even playing field” for inventors when they first enter a market. Instead of worrying about large corporations rolling out massive campaigns to sell your invention as your competitor, you can enjoy these protections and focus on expanding your market presence and achieving your dreams of being an inventor. Repeat products in the market can only serve to devalue your brand, so the time you have under a patent protection is very important to establish yourself.

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If you believe that your fishing invention is truly unique and useful, then contact The Patent Professor today to begin working on your legal rights for a patent. We look forward to helping you with our 20 years of experience, and bringing you one step closer to introducing a truly useful invention into the world of fishing.