Whether you’re an inventor or just someone who has a great idea, you could benefit from a patent. Great ideas have the potential to make money, but only if you have a patent for it. Without one, anyone else can use your idea for a profit. Here at the Patent Professor, we can help you protect your invention. Our patent acquisition services in Orlando assist you with your patent application. With our help, you can seek a patent for your product.

The Challenges of Acquiring a Patent

There is only one organization that can grant you a patent for your product — the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Because there are so many new ideas and products in development, they get many applications each year. But all of those applications don’t get approved. In fact, many of them are denied. For an application to be successful, you need to show that your invention is new and useful. You also need to have it clearly depicted and well-thought out. If your application isn’t specific enough, the office can choose to deny it. It’s important to note that you only have one year to apply for your patent. Once you sell or make an offer to sell your product, the one year countdown begins. It’s crucial to work with a patent attorney in Orlando as soon as you develop a product. Then, you can avoid missing the deadline. Here at the Patent Professor, we can help you through the whole process.

Why Do You Need a Patent?

There are several benefits to acquiring a patent. For one, it gives you exclusive rights to your invention. No one else can claim it. But that’s not the only advantage. Here are some other benefits of having a patent:

1. Advantage Over Competitors

In the cut-throat world of business, competitors can destroy you. However, a patent gives you a distinct advantage. It stops other companies from creating a product that is too similar to yours. By being the only one who can market a product, you cut down on the competition. This also gives you some bargaining power. You can set prices without worrying about someone undercutting you.

2. More Credibility

If you’re trying to sell your product, you need credibility. A patent gives you that credibility. When investors and big businesses hear that you have a patent, they will take you more seriously.

3. Reduce Manufacturing Costs

If you’re the only one to make a certain product, manufacturers will compete to sell their parts to you. As a result, you could experience lower manufacturing costs.

How Can Patent Acquisition Services in Orlando Help?

The process of obtaining a patent can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, our team can help you. We have the skills and resources it takes to get you through the patent process. Here are a few ways in which we can make a difference:

1. Search for Prior Patents

If your invention already has a patent from someone else, you cannot file your own application. For that reason, you need to search through prior patents. The process can be lengthy. Fortunately, our office can assist you in the search for patents. We can save you from hours of tedious work.

2. Choose the Right Type of Patent

There are several types of patents, and each one has a different application. Our office can help you choose the right patent for the job. Typically, people seek utility patents. This type of patent gives your invention a great deal of protection. You can apply for either a provisional or non-provisional patent. Although a provisional application does not completely protect you, it allows you to file quickly. If someone tries to file a patent for a similar product, they won’t be able to. It gives you patent pending. Instead of a utility patent, you could file for a design patent. This protects the design of a product. However, it is easy for other businesses to get around a design patent. As a result, it might not be the best option for you. Finally, there is a plant patent. This type of patent is only for individuals who invent or discover new plants that develop asexually.

3. Proving Novelty and Nonobviousness

Before the patent office approves a patent, they ask themselves two main questions. First, they ask whether or not it is new. Then, they ask if it is nonobvious. In your application, you need to clearly show that your invention is new and nonobvious. With years of experience working in patent law, our firm can assist you with that. We know what the patent officers look for and use that knowledge to build your application.

Working with Us

In Orlando, job growth is on the rise. While a thriving economy is good news, it also means more competition for inventors. Contact us at the Patent Professor to get help with the patent process and prevent anyone from filing before you.

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