If you’re seeking a patent for an invention, you probably have a few questions. Follow this FAQ for patent law in Orlando to prepare yourself for the process. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Patent Professor. Our firm can answer your questions and assist you with your patent needs.

When Should You Consider a Patent?

Many individuals wait too long to acquire a patent. They don’t realize that they can get a patent as soon as you have an idea and the basic details figured out. If you want to prevent someone from making money off of your idea, you should seek a patent as soon as possible. Once you file your patent application, no one else can file for the same invention. Your idea is protected. You do have time restrictions on filing for a patent. For instance, you only have one year from when you sell or offer to sell your invention to file for a patent.

How Do You Get a Patent?

Although there aren’t many steps to acquiring a patent, the process can be challenging. First, you need to do a patent search. This allows you to determine whether or not there is already a patent for your invention. If there is none, you can start filing the application. After you do a patent search, you need to fill out your patent application. In the application, you must include artwork of the product. You also need to show the patent office that your invention is an improvement on current products. The application should include very detailed information regarding the way in which you use the invention. Typically, the patent office takes years to approve an application. In some cases, you might wait between three and four years for approval. During that time, your invention will be protected by your application. That said, the timeline varies greatly. By working with the Patent Professor, you can learn more about the timeline.

Can You Get a Patent Without a Working Model?

It is possible for you to receive a patent if you don’t have a working model. However, it is difficult. You need to make up for your lack of model with detail in your application. If you consult with us, you can improve your chances of getting a patent without a working model.

What Can You Do If Someone Sells Your Product Without Permission?

If you have a patent for a product, you own that product. But others might still attempt to create and sell your product. You need to take action against them if you want to protect your invention. First, you should speak to a patent attorney in Orlando. Our firm can evaluate the situation and determine whether or not there was patent infringement. If there was, we can send a cease and desist letter. In most situations, the letter is enough to make the offender stop. However, this isn’t always the case. If they don’t stop infringing on your rights, our office can file a lawsuit against them. You could end up with compensation for damages and lawyer fees.

What’s the Difference Between a Patent and a Trade Secret?

There are two common types of intellectual property protection: a patent and a trade secret. With a patent, you receive protection from any use of your invention. It doesn’t matter how an individual obtains the information; they can’t use your invention. However, that protection is only for a set period of time. With a trade secret, you only have protection against people stealing your idea. If someone discovers it on their own, they can still use the idea. For this reason, only using trade secret protection can be dangerous.

Why Do You Need a Patent Lawyer in Orlando?

Patent lawyers can help you receive a patent and prevent you from infringing on someone else’s patent. It is possible to apply for a patent without a lawyer. However, it could hurt you in the long run. There are several ways in which a patent lawyer can help. First, a lawyer can speed up the process. When you file the application on your own, you need to do all of the work. You must spend days or weeks scouring records in search of similar patents. Then, you need to take the time to fill out the application. By working with the Patent Professor, you can save time. We take care of the hard work, while you focus on developing your idea. Secondly, a lawyer can improve your chances at success. Unless you have specific knowledge of patent law in Orlando, you might not understand what the patent office is looking for. You could leave important details out of the application. Our team can prevent that from happening. During the application process, we are very thorough. We don’t want you to miss a thing. There are many inventors in Orlando. In fact, one of the biggest inventor trade shows occurs in the city. If you want protection for your invention, you need a patent. Contact us at the Patent Professor for assistance.

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