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In fact, a tiny mistake in your medical patent filing could put 20 years of exclusive ownership of your medical idea or invention at risk.

Famously, one of the nation’s largest outsourcing pharmacy networks sued a rival based on a single letter missing from a key phrase used in the original patent application. This costs the inventor several million dollars in royalty payments. (More on this below.)

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My patent attorney team is on standby to answer any questions relating to patenting & protecting your medical, dental, or healthcare idea.

Meet John Rizvi, Esq., The Patent Professor®

Prof. John Rizvi, founding partner of the firm Gold & Rizvi, is one of the first group of attorneys in the country to be Board Certified as an expert in Intellectual Property Law. Certification is the highest level of recognition of the competency and experience of attorneys in the areas of law approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida.

Impeccable Credentials in Medical Patents.

His firm has been awarded an AV rating, the highest rating bestowed by the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory for our legal expertise and overall professional excellence.

Why Choose John Rizvi, The Patent Professor®

  • I am BOARD CERTIFIED as a SPECIALIST in Intellectual Property Law – Board Certification is the highest level of recognition of the competency and experience of software attorneys in specialized areas of law approved by the Supreme Court.
  • I Teach Patent Law to Other Lawyers and Law Students – 18 years Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University Law School teaching patent, trademark, and copyright law.
  • 20 Years of Specialized Experience – Completed over 1,200 patent cases in several software & hardware sectors including mobile apps, database applications, video games, cloud software and Software-as-Service.
  • I’ve Learned From the Best Patent Lawyers in the Country – Worked at the internationally known law firm of Fish & Neave regarded as one of the top patent law firms in the world (retained by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Wright Brothers, and Alexander Graham Bell)
  • AV Rated by The Martindale Hubbel Law Directory – An “AV” Rating is the highest rating possible and represents the highest level of competence in the field and ethical standards
  • My Experience Saves You Money and Protects Your Idea More – Because of my experience, your patent is handled quickly, efficiently and done right the first time, in a minimum of time and with maximum protection for your software idea.
  • You Deserve Better Than the Closest Local Medical Patent Attorney – If you had a medical issue, would you look for the closest doctor or the best one? Since hiring a patent attorney requires no travel, why limit your search to the closest attorneys you can find?
  • Reliable and Available – I am the owner of my law firm. While I have a team to help serve you along with myself, we pride ourselves on being available and responsive. When necessary, you can reach me should an issue arise because as the owner, I want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience with The Patent Professor. 

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CALL: 1-877-Patent-Professor | 1-877-731-5667​

My patent attorney team is on standby to answer any questions relating to patenting & protecting your medical, dental, or healthcare idea.

The Top Five Reasons to Choose Prof. Rizvi to Patent Your Medical Device.​

He has a full-service team ready to secure and protect your medical patent no matter where you reside in the United States.

Get a Free 1-Hour consultation by phone

Prof. Rizvi assists clients throughout the United States and internationally without the need for an in-person meeting. Hiring a patent attorney with experience in medical devices is akin to hiring a specialist heart surgeon: you would not limit yourself to a 10-mile driving radius. Less than 1 percent of all lawyers are registered to practice before the US Patent Office (USPTO) and most of these patent attorneys are “jack of all trade” attorneys with no particular experience in medical innovations. Virtually all patent applications now take place electronically illustrating how location has become virtually irrelevant in choosing a patent attorney.

Fixed pricing

We offer fixed, transparent pricing that is highly competitive and affordable, allowing you to file, maintain and benefit from your invention without any surprises. Contrary to popular belief, hiring an expert is NOT more expensive.

Specialized experience in medical device patent filing

Medical Device Patents require intricate and extensive knowledge of USPTO filing nuances particular to this industry sector. With his professorial background and two decades of experience, Prof. Rizvi offers your best chance of success.

Learn how to avoid the three biggest mistakes in medical patent filings

These include leaving out basic background information to set the stage for the need for the innovation, being too vague in the specification, and not fully distinguishing competitive products. Drafting an application properly is an art and mistakes at this critical junction can end up costing you thousands of dollars in wasted fees and jeopardize your protection.

Trust, privacy and 100% client confidentiality

Prof. Rizvi and his firm can offer you highly discrete and secure environment through which to pursue your patent.

One WRONG letter spells
Patent Disaster

Medical device ideas are different. Central Admixture Pharmacy Services (CAPS®), the nation’s largest network of outsourcing admixture pharmacies sued Advanced Cardiac Solutions (ADS) for patent infringement relating to a chemical solution used during heart surgery. The infringement centered around the incorrect use and spelling of the word “osmolality in the original patent which changed the entire context of application. ADS had filed using the word “osmolarity”, replacing the “l” with an “r” which precipitated the lawsuit. Don’t let this happen to you: Hire a specialist in medical patent law who deeply understands the subtleties and nuances of patent applications.

Intellectual Property Cases I Help Inventors Like You With

  • Medical Patent Searches
  • Patents and Provisional Patents
  • Patent Litigation (Defend or Sue)
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Intellectual Property Filings and Renewals
  • Work to Overcome USPTO Rejections

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The Pitfalls of Delaying a Medical Patent Filing

In 1874, Inventor Alexander Bell was in competition with Elisha Gray to be the first to invent a practical harmonic telegraph. He filed his application with the USPTO just hours before Gray, winning the patent. Mr. Rizvi takes you through this controversy and explains why delaying your medical patent filing could be catastrophic.
"I did my homework to find the right attorney who can patent domestically and internationally. It then came down to three candidates, and after the interview process I knew Rizvi was the one. Rizvi not only practices, but teaches as well. The patenting process isn't easy, you have to understand that the USPTO can easily hand you a final rejection anytime. But he works with you all the way. He knows what he is doing and he is really humble."
Juanita Pee

Serving Medical Inventors Nationwide

Consult with an academic and business patent expert with over 20 years experience in successfully filing medical, dental & healthcare patents for his clients around the United States.

My Patent Law Firm Has Deep Experience In Medical Patents

Visit and read my medical and dental patenting blog page here.

My medical and dental patenting blog is an online repository of useful information, practical advice, news, and commentary relating to patent, trademark, and copyright matters.

All content is written and published by John Rizvi – The Patent Professor®

I welcome your questions and want to understand your situation and goals to help you move forward and achieve the peace of mind that comes with having everything done properly and efficiently.

Call my office with questions, a description of your situation or to schedule a consultation. You may also simply fill out the form above on this page. Your form will be directly emailed to my office and expect a reply within 24 hours and often within hours the same day. All information is confidential.

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My patent attorney team is on standby to answer any questions relating to patenting & protecting your medical, dental, or healthcare idea.

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