More Cat Inventions Purring with Patent Protection and Robotic Wizardry

Cat inventors are rising to the challenge and launching innovative patented products for homeowners similar to the LitterZap invention profiled in an earlier story.

More Cat Inventions Purring with Patent Protection and Robotic Wizardry 30

My Clients Have Patent Breakthroughs In This Sector

What's Stopping YOU From Launching Your Pet Product?

Cat inventions with patents


 In a previous post, we highlighted the importance of obtaining a pet-related patent to protect the intellectual property behind an original new product called the LitterZap®.  Inside a revolutionary design process, inventor Stewart Lovenvirth staked a claim in the $75 billion annual pet industry with an innovative device that uses UV-C rays to nearly eliminate all the odor, germs, bacteria, microorganisms and more from the nastiness found inside cat litter boxes. 

Similar to when Lovenvirth presented his patent-protected product to eradicate the stench and other problems associated with litter boxes, other inventors are also rising to the challenge.

Coming into contact with the germs exposed to pet owners continuously cleaning and changing the soiled litter in these containers is an ongoing problem. Considering how many inventors from the past have been driven to “build a better mousetrap,” some of today’s entrepreneurs are designing better cat litter boxes instead.

The Luuup: Layered Design & Health-Related Litter

More Cat Inventions Purring with Patent Protection and Robotic Wizardry 31

The invention of the Luuup litter box is promising pet owners will say goodbye to liners and scoops using a three-tray sifting system that makes cleaning these devices faster, much more efficient while saving time and money in the process.

 While patent specs appear a little bit complicated at first glance, Luuup’s layered design concept separates urine and feces so cat fans don’t need to come into contact with these discharges.


Constructed from non-stick, antimicrobial materials this patented design is meant to make hygiene a higher priority and help to reduce overall odor. With safety in mind, it’s made from durable, pet-safe materials and comes with the option of purchasing patented and Luuup-branded cat litter that changes color to monitor your feline’s health when:

  • Shades of yellow and green will continually indicate your cat’s health is in the clear
  • Other colors point to the fact your pet may be in need medical attention if different hues last for more than two days

Given nearly five-star reviews overall, consumers are pleased with its performance, price, functions and features.

A recent visit to their website revealed the company was currently sold out on the Luuup litter boxes, so sales seem to be soaring on these containers.

More Cat Inventions Purring with Patent Protection and Robotic Wizardry 32

Rise of the Litter Robot 3

A rising trend on the cat litter box scene is an increase in robotic designs offering to automatically perform the function of cleaning these containers. 

Reviews on these auto-cleansing devices are plentiful and one of the products often leading the pack is the Litter Robot 3 Connect Open Air model. Contrary to its title, the Litter Robot actually disconnects pet owners from the chore of regularly scooping the box when comparing the task to taking out the trash.

Crafting the Purrrfect Patent For My Client Stewart Lovenvirth & LitterZap®

Zapping kitty litter in the butt, may not be the most glamorous aspect of owning a cat, but my client Stewart Lovenvirth has built a crafty, patented invention that does just that for discerning pet owners across America. Say hello to the LitterZap®, a self-sterilizing litter box featuring motion-activated ultraviolet germicidal lights designed to neutralize litter pathogens!

Up From The Litter Box Grow the Roses of Success

Obviously, behind the growing popularity of these innovative new cat boxes and their associative litter is an overall decrease in the work associated with their regular upkeep, cleaning along with greatly reducing odor problems and other health-related issues.

The future financial success of these products needs to be protected from potential infringement coming from copycats stomping on possible revenues without a patent being put into place.  

Trademarking the product’s title is also an option, but inventors should first protect their bottom line by ensuring this form of intellectual property is safe from being stolen. Before investing countless hours in research, development, testing and eventual marketing, entrusting their product with the services of a professional patent attorney are all vital for success.

More Cat Inventions Purring with Patent Protection and Robotic Wizardry 33


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