A Miami Patent Attorney Explains The Dangers In Delaying a Patent Filing
Today I wish to cover some of my experience as a Miami Patent Attorney with regards the risks of delaying the filing of a patent using the famous example of Alexander Graham Bell and the invention of the telephone.
The Telephone Patent Alexander Graham Bell - Inventor of the Telephone Before watching this video consider this footnote in history: When Alexander Graham Bell died at his summer home in Nova Scotia on August 2, 1922, it triggered a remarkable event 48 hours later: All telephone service in the United States and Canada were suspended for a full minute at the precise moment when Bell was lowered into his grave. An army of 60,000 telephone operators stood silently at attention and did not connect any new calls as the continent’s 13 million telephones went quiet. This amplifies the reputation that Bell has as inventor of the telephone and gives you some idea how important this patent was in American history. This famous story relates to inventors across America whether you are based in Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, New York Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Naples, Tampa or South Florida. Enjoy the video.

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