MAYDAY, MAYDAY: Life and Death Moment at Sea Sparks New Marine Invention

My client Troy Faletra knows how to beat the odds both in life and in business. Although I helped patent his remarkable product, the first inflatable throwable device approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, the story behind ThrowRaft is even more incredible.

In his own words, Troy recounts a life and death moment which ultimately led us to cross paths several years ago:

I sank in my boat about nine miles off shore and I radioed for help. I gave out a mayday name, gave my coordinates to the United States Coast Guard while my boat started to sink. Within five minutes it was about thirty feet below water. Being a stubborn man I decided that it would be better for me to swim to shore instead of holding my position and wait for them to come rescue me. So I decided to try and swim to shore which kept me in the water for 16 hours; I eventually made it. It was a great moment, but it wasn’t until several years later after other people’s incidents (and their stories) that I decided that the U.S. needed an alternative regulated product on vessels (and worldwide) and that’s where my idea for Throwraft came from. But how to secure an invention like this that could change the marine industry as we know it? What sparked my interest in John Rizvi was that he was a adjunct Professor at law school. Being a surfer and a fisherman, I couldn’t think of a better person after reading John Rizvi’s profile which showed he had some incredible experience in several industries. Troy Faletra Surfing Over the years John has done multiple patent applications for my company, including worldwide patents. He’s also done trademarking for me and general patent research. The majority of the patent sketches have also been completed by him and his team. His team ultimately understands the proper language that the Patent Trademark Office requires when it comes to patenting a product and products like mine.

Please watch my Troy Faletra video on my Client Success page which gives more detail on this incident and the development of  ThrowRaft which is fast becoming a runaway success. Your partner in innovating, John Rizvi The Patent Professor ®

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