I love Gruesome Inventions! Happy Halloween!

Hello my fiendishly clever Inventors.  Today I will delight in your horrors and take pleasure in your shocking, ghoulish ideas....Happy Halloween

Halloween Flash Horror Mask

 Halloween Mask 

 With Flash Device 

Featured Invention

In 1998, The inventor, Ben Hsia came up with a Halloween mask with flash device which not only can increase the attractive effect and the sense of reality for the mask but also can enhance the safety of the wearer by calling the attention and awareness of the vehicle drivers near the wearer, includes a hollow mask body and at least a flash device.

In order to accomplish the above objects, the present invention provides a Halloween mask which comprises a hollow mask body and at least a flash device. The hollow mask body, which has a predetermined thickness and is made of resilient material such as plastic, rubber or resin, is punctured with a plurality of apertures at predetermined positions. 

Halloween Mask Patent Drawings

By the way, I recently shot my first Facebook Live video at my law offices giving a sneak peak into the outfit I will be wearing this eve. What do you think? Comment on Facebook!

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