Inventors: Give Your Patent Application a Winning Edge from This Former US Patent Judge & Examiner

If you have a great invention idea and want to protect it, you’ll obviously want to hire the best patent attorney and work with the best patent law firm.

But what makes one patent law firm better than the others? Clients of The Patent Professor® enjoy some very special advantages.

Romulo Delmendo is one of them. Romulo is a former administrative patent judge and patent examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with over 30 years’ experience. Now, he works for The Patent Professor® patent law firm, as a post-search specialist. He draws on his experience to help our inventor clients navigate the patenting system.

Who decides if a patent application becomes a patent? In the U.S. Patent Office, patent examiners are the decision-makers.

As both a former patent examiner and judge, Romulo knows what the Patent Office and patent examiners look for in a patent application. He’s able to give our clients a realistic preview of how their assigned examiner will likely react to their patent application, and help draft the application in a way that will most likely get it approved.

In this video, Veruska Guerrero, a biomedical engineer who also works at The Patent Professor®, interviews Romulo about the winning edge he brings to our clients’ patent applications.

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