Stewart Lovenvirth - LitterZap Inventor

LitterZap, Stewart Lovenvirth

I’ve been working with John since 2010 on a pet product that is almost ready to go to market. He was always there to answer my questions along with some great legal findings that work to my advantage.
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Gerard D'Offay - Floating Work Stations - Versifloat - Inventor

Versifloat, Gerard D'Offay

I sought out Prof. John Rizvi to help me patent my inflatable docking system. As I have grown my operations over the years John has helped me obtain four additional annexes to my original patent, giving me powerful, robust intellectual property protection.
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Troy ThrowRaft

ThrowRaft, Troy Faletra

In the darkest moment of my life, I had lost my dad and my wife, John said to me: " You get one damn go-around in this life. Make it Count."
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Giddel Inventor

Concealed Carry Pouch, Giddel Casadesus

John's Law firm is a great place: From the moment I saw the initial patent drawings and contract I knew I made the right decision to work with his team.
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Peter Roccisano - Back Holster Inventor

Backup Holster For Firearms, Peter Roccisano

I came to John on short notice: I wanted my patent to be ready for a major law enforcement and firearm trade show that was coming up in several months. He did that and more!
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