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LitterZap, Stewart Lovenvirth

I’ve been working with John since 2010 on a pet product that is almost ready to go to market. He was always there to answer my questions along with some great legal findings that work to my advantage. The process was seamless, I received a patent – 16 out of 20 claims were granted. He was on top of everything, very accessible and he just runs a very professional team...they were extremely helpful, answering my questions quickly and returning my calls quickly. John is a Dreammaker!


My name is Stewart Lovenvirth. I'm and inventor living in Fort Lauderdale , FL. I came up with a fantastic pet product and we are ready to almost go to market with it.

Stewart's product LitterZap is an innovative litter box featuring UVC light technology. This helps to decrease health risks by killing harmful bacteria and creating a cleaner, safer and fresher lifestyle for cat owners. 

After creating a working prototype Stewart knew that his next step was getting a patent, but that turned out to be more difficult that he expected.


I had a former patent attorney that I was working closely with. Unfortunately, there were a couple instances where he missed some very important legal work that almost jeopardized the whole patent process. That's what led me to seek new counsel.

Then, Stewart found John Rizvi. 


One of the things that stood out was that he's not just a patent attorney, but he's a professor of law in the patent area which is not an easy area of law that you can find someone that is very capable.

Working with John ended up being exactly what Stewart needed to succeed. 


I received a patent. 16 out of 20 claims were granted. He was on top of everything. He was always there to answer my questions as well as make some really good legal findings that worked to my advantage.

After receiving his patent, Stewart's life and business began to change. 


Well, I walk around every day with a sense of accomplishment thanks to John and his expertise. He helped me achieve the most important step in being an inventor and having a new product or invention and that is the patent process.

Stewart has continued to look to John for advice on growing his business. 


There is a lot of follow up conversations that we have via email and telephone. Just basically being there like a mentor as well as a professional. I've got a friend in him and the guidance and support that I receive at any given time is just immeasurable.

So if you have an idea and you need help making it a reality take Stewart's advice. 


It is very important that anybody that has a new product has to have somebody in their corner that is got a wealth of knowledge, and that is John Rizvi. The whole process is an exciting one, it can be frustrating at times, but he'll walk you through everything. If your product has any value and you're passionate about it, do not hesitate find John Rizvi. Reach out to him, get a consultation, move forward. He is a dream-maker.

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