Florida patent attorney, John Rizvi, describes simple patented ideas that made millions!
I come across inventors who are afraid to see a patent attorney because they think their idea is too simple. But this is a common misconception: When I look around some of the simplest ideas have revolutionized industries and generated millions of dollars in revenues for the inventor.
Tomorrows millionaires are not the ones with the most real estate, physical equipment or assets but the ones with the innovative ideas. Think about well-known apps or software that you use such as Uber or Airbnb. Uber does not own any vehicles; Airbnb does not own any hotels. Yet both of these companies have become Goliaths in their respective industries – generating millions of dollars in revenues for the inventors. Inventor Inspiration   Some of my nine-to-five clients quit their jobs and went on to become incredibly wealthy. Others have established companies doing what they love. And, some have been able to retire from the income provided by their patent. Stewart invents Litter Zap Alex Gomez sells medical patent and business for millions Troy Invents ThrowRaft Gerard Invents Versifloat Giddel invents concealed carry pouch Peter Invents Backup Holster Corporations will hire lawyers to poke holes in your product. Nobody will pay you for your idea if they can design around your rights and do it for free. If your patent is not well written, it’s an expensive certificate to put on your wall. To make money from your idea you have to craft a patent with teeth so rivals cannot make minor modifications to your idea and get around your rights. In order to do this, you need a patent attorney who specializes exclusively in patents. At my law firm, that’s all I do. If you have a new idea and want to know what the next step is in protecting your rights feel free to give me call or reach out using the form below.

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