If you are only looking for a patent attorney to help you through the patent application drafting process, The Patent Professor is available to help. We will work with you to go through every part of the application that you need assistance with, and can work specifically how you need us to for your patent. Read more below about patent application drafting, and how The Patent Professor can help you.

How To Draft a Patent Application

Once you have done all of the required due diligence to determine whether or not you will be able to obtain a patent for your invention, you must then draft the patent application. This step is notoriously frustrating and complicated, which is why it is extremely helpful to enlist the help of a patent attorney. We will go through your application step by step, and make sure that every necessary piece of information is included before we submit. There are a few key parts of a patent application, which you can read about below:

Patent Specification

First, we will complete a patent specification that describes your invention. This will include an overview of the invention, a description of its uses, how it was invented, and other relevant information to the introduction of the intellectual property we are attempting to patent. When you describe the invention that you are hoping to patent, you must use specific descriptions that clearly encapsulate the nature of the invention, the uniqueness of the design, and the novel utility that separates it from existing products, processes, or designs.

Patent Claims

Your patent claims are very important in your application, and you will greatly benefit from having the help of an attorney at this step in the process. In it, you must adhere to very specific legal language as you describe the types of protection you need under the patent, and for what specific parts of your invention it will apply. The claims are very important because they will be referred to in the event that you must ever file a lawsuit against someone who infringes on your patent. You want to be sure that the language is extremely clear in the claims to ensure that they are approved (applications can be rejected for having too-vague language in the claims) and to cover your interests down the road.

Do I Need an Attorney For My Patent Application Draft?

There is no law stating that you need the help of a patent attorney to complete your patent application, but it is strongly recommended that you use professional assistance. The United States patent application can be extremely overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with the process. When you decide to hire a patent attorney, you can be confident that the entire application drafting process is done professionally and completely, while you are there to ensure that all of the necessary information to describe your invention is included. Below are a few points to illustrate how helpful an attorney can be.

Legal Understanding of Applications

The USPTO requires that the application is submitted with exact adherence to their requirements, to keep all applications and patent protections consistent. In tandem with the attorney’s expertise of the legal requirements for the coverage, you can be confident that you covered all of your bases.

Time To Filing

There are many reasons that you want to file a patent as quickly as possible, because the sooner you file, the less likely you are to run across anyone else who has claimed prior art that may invalidate your claim. When you are working with an attorney, you can be confident that your application is moving smoothly.

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Regardless of where you are in the process of applying for a patent, contact an attorney immediately to discuss how you should be proceeding as best as possible. With the help of The Patent Professor, you can rest easy knowing that your drafting process is moving quickly and will be done completely before it is submitted.