Listen to My Radio Interview on “The School for Startups”

The Value of NDAs, Provisional Vs. Non-Provisional Patents & the Necessity of Precise Language....Plus, Much More!

My recorded guest segment on The School for Startups Radio is now live for Inventors and Entrepreneurs to listen to. The host, Jim Beach, threw some tough questions at me, but I loved every minute and I welcomed the chance to demystify some patenting misconceptions.    I would welcome your comments on Facebook (See further below).

For your convenience, please listen to the full interview on my Sound Cloud channel below.

The Interview went live on the following stations across America....

♦ Tampa AM 1630, FM 92.1

♦ Las Vegas AM 1520, FM 107.1

♦ Macon, GA AM 810, FM 87.9

♦ Lancaster, PA AM 1640, FM 102.1

♦ Boulder, CO FM 100.7

♦ Milwaukee FM 104.1

♦ Pittsburgh FM 107.3

♦ Long Beach FM 101.5

 ♦ The Villages, FM 97.7

♦ Colorado Springs FM 87.9

♦ Jacksonville FM 90.3

Thanks a MILLION for all those who watched my TED talk ( ) when it went live a couple weeks ago. It recorded over 10,000 views within the first few days of going live and attracted the attention of the nationally syndicated radio show above who recently interviewed me regarding my book, Escaping the Gray, my TEDx Talk, and the general patenting process.   By the way, I have been invited back to give another TEDx presentation at Nova University to talk about a completely NEW topic for them at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 18, 2018.  I’m going to keep the topic a secret for now but it is, obviously, patent related and will feature another one of my clients.

Although I am passionate about my work with inventors, I didn’t have a lot of hope in landing a guest segment on this show.

This is because past guests of The School for Start-ups Radio Show include Simon Sinek (No. 1 most viewed TED talk of all time), Hap Klopp (Founder/CEO of The North Face), Mae Jameson (astronaut on Space Shuttle Endeavor), Lawrence Levy (CFO  of Pixar), Bonnie Harvey (founder, Barefoot Wine), Lisa Nichols and Brian Tracy (both of these last two guests are world-renowned motivational speakers on level with Tony Robbins!).

Thanks for all those that tuned in to listen to the interview.  

I would appreciate your comments and feedback afterwards!    Find more breaking news on Facebook - please join the conversation.  Also don't forget to watch my latest educational videos for inventors that help explain some of the more complex topics brought up in the radio interview. They are short, simple and very helpful! 

Sincerely, Prof. John Rizvi, Esq.

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John Rizvi Interview on School For Startups
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