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Score Workshop Will Help You Craft A Bulletproof Patent

My upcoming SCORE Inventor Workshop on Feb 20th, 2018, at Keiser University in Fort Lauderdale, will provide a flightpath for independent entrepreneurs and garage inventors to craft flawless patent protection for their ideas that until recently was arguably only available to big business.

Making Ideas Happen With A Patent Attorney

A Mentor to Inventors

Ever since I left one of the most famous IP firms on the planet, Fish and Neave, to start my own patent law firm over two decades ago, I’ve made it my mission to work with small inventors that are the entrepreneurial heart of America.

My mentorship role at the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) allows me to intimately do this. It’s a wonderful platform to share my specialized knowledge with solopreneurs including designers, illustrators, painters, software engineers, writers and authors  - anyone who creates work with lasting value in the U.S. marketplace.

Specifically, the workshop debunks the myth that patents are only for big business and offers a viable roadmap for micro-inventors and first-time inventors to secure a legal monopoly for their idea.

Legal Monopoly for your Idea

Ever since the United States Patent Office (USPTO) killed the mandatory requirement that inventors submit a workable prototype along with their patent application, the United States has seen a surge in small inventors securing patent protection.  

Over 10 million patents have now been filed with the USPTO helped along by the introduction of the First Inventor to File system in 2013, giving entrepreneurs with small ideas the agility and cost-savings to file quickly before perfecting their prototype.

10 million patents
John Rizvi TED Inventor Patent Talk

The workshop will highlight the opportunities available in this Golden Age of Inventing, a theme I have covered in my past TED Talks, my two best-selling books on Amazon, and recent appearances on ABC and CBS.

During the Inventor Workshop I will guide you through the patent process and highlight key opportunities and concerns that will dictate the commercial success of your product.   There are five areas I will concentrate on to help you reach this goal:

01. Stop and Suspend Judgement For Your Idea

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all good ideas are taken. Or, that your idea is too simple or innocuous to succeed.  IN 1899, the Commissioner of Patents, Charles Duell, famously proclaimed that “everything that can be invented has been invented.” Boy was he wrong!   The invention of the airplane, Internet, Coffee Sleeve, and Rubik’s Cube all show the danger of throwing a good idea frivolously away.  

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02. Listen and Learn From a Practicing Patent Attorney

It’s taken me 20 years to reach a level where I can confidently offer my services as an “expert” mentor in IP law.  Being board certified and AV-Rated in the top 3% of patent lawyers gives me a unique perspective through which to dispel some common misconceptions about patents.  

This includes the so-called “Poor Man’s Patent” or myth that mailing a description of your idea to yourself will protect your idea.  Unless you file a patent, this method secures no protection for your IP. A far better approach, for example, would be to participate in the Patent Office’s Inexpensive Disclosure Document Program.

I will also explain the differences between a provisional and non-provisional patent and whether you should explore international IP protection.  


Importantly, I will explain the value of keeping your idea a secret from others until you have a patent in place.  Too often have I seen big dreams destroyed by the loose lips of an inventor who cannot stop sharing his great idea with friends and family around the dinner table or on social media.   

03. Assess and Analyze Your Idea

During the workshop I will also share some handy tools to ensure you succeed in patenting and profiting from your idea. These include an inventor’s checklist and the Top 10 Inventor Mistakes that I see come up again and again.  

By honestly analyzing your current position in the inventing timeline, I can help give you a step-by-step roadmap to hurdle any obstacles in your path.

First To File Patent Roadmap For Inventors

04. Testing Ideas With New Tools

New platforms like Kickstarter, The Home Shopping Network, QVC and Shark Tank, offer accelerated pathways to success.  

The ability to  test ideas on ad networks and social media platforms FIRST gives an inventor marvelous ways to mitigate cost and gauge market demand for their products.

 I will share insights from other clients of mine including Troy Faletra, Giselle Fermin,  Andy Castellanos, Marguerite Spagnuolo, and David Cogswell, highlighting how they made use of these useful channels.

05. Expectation Setting and Encouraging the American Dream for Inventors

While not every idea should be pursued or protected, it’s also equably true that many simple ideas are thrown aside which SHOULD have been commercialized. 

You were born to invent..

How often have you seen some idea that you kept to yourself for years suddenly appear on store shelves, earning that inventor millions?   I argue that you need to develop unwavering faith in your idea so that you have the motivation and the determination to see it through.  

I often refer to this as daring mighty things, an expression that has motivated me in my personal life to build a successful patent law firm. 

 In the Golden Age of Inventing anything is possible, especially with a concrete flight path at your fingertips.

Roosevelt Quote For Inventors - Escaping The Gray

You Are Not Alone

I hope to see some new faces at Keiser University on February 20th where I will demonstrate how wealth follows innovation using a tried and tested formula that includes patent protection, trademarks and copyrights.

 This formula has been used by many of my clients to attain million-dollar payouts for their ideas and inventions.  

If you currently find yourself at an impasse where your great idea has hit a brick wall then this inventor workshop is for YOU!

Score Inventor Workshop With John Rizvi

Register For Workshop

Please visit my events page to review all upcoming and past inventor seminars & events, including the Score workshop above!  See you soon!

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