Coca Cola History on How it Became a Household Brand

How did it all start? Coca-Cola is a household company brand with humbling beginnings. For over 100 years, the cool beverage has had much

How did it all start?

Coca-Cola is a household company brand with humbling beginnings. For over 100 years, the cool beverage has had much business success. But, like most profitable businesses in the U.S., Coca-Cola has gone through many stages of growth.

In 1886, an Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John Stith Pemberton, created a syrup for Coca-Cola and sold the fountain drink for five cents. Dr. Pemberton thought that the two C’s would look the best in advertising, so his business partner Frank M. Robinson composed the famous Coca-Cola trademark in its original calligraphy. The first newspaper ad with the Coca-Cola trademark appeared in The Atlanta Journal. After the visibility of the ad, Coca-Cola averaged sales with nine drinks per day. 

Dr. Pemberton did not see Coca-Cola’s full potential and sold portions of the company to partners. Before Dr. Pemberton passed away, he sold the remainder of the company to businessman Asa Candler. 

When did Coca-Cola start to see success?

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In 1899, the fountain beverage company signed its first agreement with an independent bottling company to distribute the soft drink. Its licensing agreement set the foundation for the American soft-drink industry today. 

When Candler took ownership of the company, sales increased from 9,000 to 370,877 gallons. Once Coca-Cola capitalized on the U.S. market, it had to expand its territory globally. In 1982, Coca-Cola was the first company to sell cold beverages in China. Today, Coca-Cola distributes a variety of its soft drinks in many countries.

Reaching its Maturity Stage

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There are different growth phases in business, such as start-up, growth, expansion, and maturity stages. It can be very complicated for a company to reach its maturity phase due to its rigorous and complex industry marketplace.

When Coca-Cola entered its maturity phase, products and global expansion was not the only sector of business Coca-Cola maximized. The renowned brand went public in 1919 and has leaped into the art and film industry with its bottle design. 

Coca-Cola’s patented signature bottle is nicknamed the “hobble skirt” and is considered an antique. The classic bottle is a nostalgic souvenir for fans of the brand’s evolution. 

As you enjoy Coca-Cola, remember that even the biggest soft drink company in the world started with just an idea. 

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