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Prof. John Rizvi, Esq.

The Golden Age Of Inventing Is Waiting For You Online

Whether you are building the next Rubik’s Cube, Toilet Purifier or Flux Capacitor, you will one day need a BULLETPROOF patent to protect your idea and ultimately reap profits. 

No matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey you find yourself, I invite you to learn and discover how other inventors have attained success on my rapidly growing social platforms catering to a worldwide audience.

Calling All Inventors

I have literally poured my heart & soul into building one of the world’s largest and fastest growing patent education video libraries on YouTube which has helped inventors just like YOU acquire U.S. and international patent protection that helped secure long-term licensing royalties.

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Where I am building the world's latest patent education library and help guides for Inventors. 

On a daily basis I share some of my most inspirational inventor success stories on Facebook, taking you behind the scenes to that EUREKA moment, intimately showing you how they leapfrogged business obstacles to secure financial freedom and attain legendary status in the marketplace.

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Where I share my latest inventor success stories and live interviews with some of my team & clients. 

The Inventor's Mastermind


A Community for Inventors Seeking Strategies & Techniques for Patenting & Bringing Ideas to Market. It’s growing daily! Hope to see you inside!

John Rizvi's Mastermind Group

Over the past two decades as a practicing patent attorney, I have shared in the trials and tribulations of my clients and inventors, many of whom have become close friends and confidants.  I suffered both their pain and joy, rare moments of insight that I share on Instagram and Twitter.    

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Where you see some of my personal moments that have defined my life as a Patent Attorney. 

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Where I engage other inventors & entrepreneurs on a daily basis on a personal level.

Their courage, tenacity, intelligence, will power and passion for their idea, even when others sought to shoot them down, elevated my love and commitment for American inventors who have shown me that anything is possible.  My first Amazon book best seller, Escaping The Gray, is a direct result of one client who almost drowned at sea, using that experience to invent an industry-changing device.

These relationships, turning points, life-changing moments and inventor journeys are chronicled on my LinkedIn business channel where I weave a brave path forward for entrepreneurs who often find the only thing holding them back from entrepreneurial success comes down to one word: FEAR.

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Where I outline new strategies for entrepreneurial success that begins with your first patent. 

Reach For The Stars; Settle For The Moon!

If you think your idea is too simple or too complex, think again.  Inventors have sometimes waited on the sidelines for several years before contacting me shocked and overjoyed to finally find their idea IS patentable and CAN secure them revenue in the marketplace.

The magical moments of self-discovery and fear-busting moments are highlighted in recent TV interviews on CBS and ABC, which show how everyday Americans, The Average Joe, is inventing solutions to small, annoying problems that revolutionize entire industries.  Inventions like the Coffee Sleeve, Spanx and The Rubik’s Cube point to a Golden Age in Inventing where there is simply no excuse to NOT get your idea off the ground, protected and profitable.   

They are echoed in my recent inventor talks on the inspirational TED platform and in my keynote address to the Inventors Society of South Florida

John Rizvi Explaining Patents

The Blueprint For Inventor Success is waiting for you right now on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where you will learn about brave inventors like Alex Gomez, a one-time medical college dropout, who one day dumped an unattractive prototype on my desk and defiantly told me his surgical device would transform the medical arena.   After securing his patent, he eventually sold his startup for $100 million declaring that the real value was locked inside the Intellectual Property.

My second Amazon bestseller, Think & Grow Rich For Inventors, distills the fearless qualities shown by small, brave inventors like Alex into a step-by-step operating manual for both protecting & profiting from your idea.  I share excerpts and key moments from my books on both Facebook and The Patent Professor®, an online platform designed to educate, inspire and help inventors declare: “Patent Pending.”

Inventors, the journey to success is never easy, nor a straight line, and can sometimes take years. But I promise you, it is possible, AND it is worth it; I have the clients to prove it.    

I invite you to take the first step on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and by doing so, Dare Mighty Things.

I also hope you will not just see me as your future patent attorney but also your fearless champion, who will shine light in dark places and ultimately help your invention cast long shadows in the American entrepreneurial landscape.

Whether you are a tinkerer, a rocket scientist, an entrepreneur or an inventor, please join the conversation online and launch your idea FULL THROTTLE in the Golden of Age of Inventing.

The Time Is Now To Patent Product

Please share your favorite stories from The Patent Professor® with friends, family and fellow inventors. It's a journey we are all taking together! 

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