Book Signing Event Video Replay: Think & Grow Rich for Inventors

Escaping The Gray With Prof. John Rizvi, Esq.

Book Signing With John Rizvi - The Patent Professor
Troy Faletra, ThrowRaft Inventor With John Rizvi
John Rizvi Book Signing At Barnes & Noble With Troy Faletra in Crowd
John Rizvi Book Signing At Barnes & Noble - The Patent Professor
John Rizvi Book Signing At Barnes & Noble
John Rizvi Book Signing At Barnes & Noble
The John Rizvi Inventor Family
Roosevelt Quote For Inventors - Escaping The Gray
Barnes & Noble Book Event in Fort Lauderdale

I would like to thank all the #inventors and #entrepreneurs who joined me last Saturday for my book signing event at Barnes & Noble.  I hoped it provided some inspiration to get your own ideas off the ground and Escape The Gray!

A special thank you to Troy Faletra, my client and inventor of the ThrowRaft, whose own personal story of surviving 16 hours at sea after his boat sank was the inspirational spark for my first book Escaping The Gray.  My earlier experience with the teachings of Napoleon Hill formed the basis of my later book, Think & Grow Rich for Inventors.   To read the original press release and program summary for the event please click the link below. 

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