More Cat Inventions Purring with Patent Protection and Robotic Wizardry

Cat inventors are rising to the challenge and launching innovative patented products for homeowners similar to the LitterZap invention profiled in an earlier story. From simple litter box ideas to more technological masterpieces that pursue self-automated methods to help cats clean up their mess, these commercialized inventions should inspire you to take your shot at success!

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A Profitable Pet Invention Purring With a Crafty Cat Patent

Zapping kitty litter in the butt, may not be the most glamorous aspect of owning a cat, but my client Stewar Lovenvirth has built a crafty, patented invention that does just that for discerning pet owners across America. Say hello to the LitterZap®, a self-sterilizing litter box featuring motion-activated ultraviolet germicidal lights designed to neutralize litter pathogens!

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The Slinky: An Iconic American Invention With Timeless Patenting Lessons

The way it wiggled when it hit the floor struck Richard T. James like a sledgehammer welded by the inventing gods themselves. The torsion spring had fallen off his desk and “stepped its way down” to the floor in a magical spring-like fashion that conjured up the idea for the world-famous Slinky® toy that he successfully patented in 1947.

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