3 Eco-Friendly Inventions that Make the World Better

For the past 20 years, on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day has celebrated how IP rights encourage innovation and creativity amongst different sectors.
This year’s theme is “Innovate for a Green Future.” And it focuses on creating green innovative, and sustainable technology.

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Can Your Patent Firm Rock a Hula-Hoop?

Who would’ve thought that a giant, plastic circle could become an insanely popular toy lasting for over five decades? With $45 million in sales to date, I can bet you either owned this toy, played with it before, or was like me – and never really knew how to “work” the large ring.

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Amazing Inventions Created During the Worst Times

It’s almost impossible to watch anything on TV or browse any site online without seeing constant reporting on COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. The news of this pandemic has left grocery store’s shelves depleted, virtually all major events postponed, and crippling fear amongst every nation.

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