A Profitable Pet Invention Purring With a Crafty Cat Patent

Zapping kitty litter in the butt, may not be the most glamorous aspect of owning a cat, but my client Stewar Lovenvirth has built

A Profitable Pet Invention Purring With a Crafty Cat Patent 30

Crafting the Purrrfect Patent For My Client Stewart Lovenvirth & LitterZap®

Pet Owners Love This Bacteria-Killing Device For Cats!

LitterZap UV Light


Zapping kitty litter in the butt, may not be the most glamorous aspect of owning a cat, but my client Stewart Lovenvirth has built a crafty, patented invention that does just that for discerning pet owners across America. Say hello to the LitterZap®, a self-sterilizing litter box featuring motion-activated ultraviolet germicidal lights designed to neutralize litter pathogens!

A Pet Sector Littered With Profits

Our love affair with pets has led to purchasing practically everything from high-quality foods to clothing and toys. Pet care products are a huge part of a rapidly growing industry estimated to easily top the $75 billion dollar mark annually. For today’s inventive entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in this explosive marketplace, obtaining a patent for an original and innovative new pet care product has the potential for making millions in revenue along with a lucrative profit stream.

A Killer Cat Box Creation

While a dog may be man’s best friend, more felines are owned by people in the majority of countries around the world including the United States. This fact may be a part of the inspiration behind the creation of revolutionary new products to care for cats. For anyone who has ever owned a feline (or vice-versa), one of the most dreaded parts associated with this pet is dealing with their obnoxious litter box.

While there have been many pet patents taken out in the past to address problems coming from the mess made from a cat’s litter box including those that automatically clean these containers, the invention of the LitterZap® device takes this concept to a whole new level.

After trademarking his product’s title and obtaining a cat-related patent to protect his intellectual property, inventor Stewart Lovenvirth set out to forever change litter boxes with a new type of technology.

Eliminating Odors, Bacteria and More

LitterZap - How It Works

In the past, many different brands of cat litter products have attempted to deal with offensive odors coming from the litter box. However, all they’ve been able to accomplish is masking the scent instead of eliminating the source of the odor. Lovenvirth’s revolutionary LitterZap® creation uses powerful, patented bursts of UV-C light to nearly eradicate the stench and almost completely destroy:

  • Fleas, ticks, lice and their eggs
  • Hookworms and roundworms
  • Germs, viruses and bacteria

Along with nearly eliminating these types of pests and other parasites, LitterZap® technology also decreases the growth of mold while increasing the life of cat litter by up to 30% in most cases. Longer litter life not only saves pet owners money, with over 8 billion tons of contaminated waste entering into landfills annually, it’s also better for the environment.

My Band of Odor-Defiant Warrior Inventor Clients!

A Profitable Pet Invention Purring With a Crafty Cat Patent 31


By the way, Stewart is not my only client who has a severe disdain for unpleasant odors. David Cogswell, a long-time entrepreneur, tackled this odorous issue in bathroom toilets that traditionally relied upon off-putting and noisy fans to limit the unpleasant vapor emanating from toilet bowls.

Recommended by doctors, his battery-operated device called the Cogswell™ Toilet Air Purifier, utilizes a motion sensor to detect the user’s presence. It then switches on an LED light which lights up the bowl, creating a vortex that removes odors within seconds. The device is now a top seller in Walmart and Costco and recently featured on national TV on the Home Shopping Network.

Overcoming Struggles and Safety Concerns

As with any new invention, Lovenvirth admits to struggling to find the best professional patent attorney to protect his intellectual property along with ensuring the product would be safe for felines. I am thankful he chose my patent law firm to help him craft bulletproof intellectual property protection and humbled he called me a “dreammaker” after the United States Patent Office issued a successful pet patent!

With regards to safety, Stewart left nothing to chance: LitterZap® comes equipped with several fail-safe, motion sensor and infrared detectors to ensure any safety zone breaches will disable to the device when necessary. Operating at a safe voltage of 12v from a DC power adaptor (included) or 4AA batteries (optional), there is also an inline fuse to protect the electronic components from the event of possible power surges.

A Profitable Pet Invention Purring With a Crafty Cat Patent 32

The LitterZap® patented design includes a specially constructed light bulb shield that restricts the UV-C rays to the bed of the litter box. This prevents direct exposure to the skin or eyes for both pets and their humans.

The chambered pan along with a barrier-style litter guard are both uniquely engineered to contain any stray UV-C rays from escaping.

A Unique Product and Patent Mean a Pathway to Success

Kitty Litter

Before hitting the market, LitterZap® needed to be tested for effectiveness by BCS (Biological Consulting Services) an independent contractor and the device passed with flying colors. According to George Lukasik, the director of BCS, “The disinfectant efficacy was tested against a variety of animal and human pathogens that are transmissible through feces,” he shared in a statement. “The tested system demonstrated excellent antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antiviral efficacy.” Test results revealed Lovenvirth’s invention reduced different microorganisms by up to 99.999%.

As with all my inventing clients, Stewart is passionate about his idea and how it can transform the lives of cat owners: 

A Profitable Pet Invention Purring With a Crafty Cat Patent 33


Veterinarians warn elevated bacteria levels in litter contribute to urinary and kidney infections in cats and Stewart  believes his product is a giant killer in this space.

It’s perhaps only a matter time before his product receives similar recognition to David Coggwell’s toilet purifier product that featured recently on national TV.  LitterZap® has all the hallmarks of an iconic product purpose built to “blast away” bacteria and associated odor and prevents expensive vet bills. 

More Cat Inventions Purring with Patent Protection and Robotic Wizardry

Cat inventors are rising to the challenge and launching innovative patented products for homeowners similar to the LitterZap invention profiled in an earlier story.

From simple litter box ideas to more technological masterpieces that pursue self-automated methods to help cats clean up their mess, these commercialized inventions should inspire you to take your shot at success!


Plus, its proudly Made in America stamp is a sign of an inventor devoted to solving manufacturing and distribution problems and converting product ingenuity into commercial success.

Since there are currently no other UV-based litter box solutions available on the marketplace, protecting his invention with a patent was crucial for Lovenvirth’s future success along with the unique quality of his device.

After investing years of painstaking research, testing and development, LitterZap®is in a class by itself and is set to reward this inventor for his innovation and patience.


A Profitable Pet Invention Purring With a Crafty Cat Patent 34


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