A Patented Baseball Wrist Band Delivers TINY miracles
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Andy Castellanos With Baseball Players and Kids - Discussing Patent

A Patent With Divine Intentions

Andy Believes Miracles Are All Around Us!

My client Andy Castellanos has invoked The Patron Saint of Impossible Dreams to build, patent and market his St. Rita Baseball Bracelet Band that’s inspiring legions of baseball fans, professional baseball players, and patients of his Miami Wound Care Center to “BELIEVE” in TINY miracles.

His lifelong love of baseball unlocked the divine contributions of the 14th Century Nun, St. Rita, who over the last century has become known as the Patron Saint of Baseball, empowering Major League legends like Jim Morris (Remember the movie, The Rookie, with Dennis Quaid?) to overcome insurmountable barriers to enter the Major Baseball Leagues (MLB) at the ripe old age of 35.

Jim Morris Baseball Legend Patent
Andy Castellanos inspecting baseball bats
St Rita Patron Saint of Baseball

Andy, a healthcare professional specializing in wound care, is also the proud owner of the baseball bat Johnny Evers used to help the Boston Braves win the World Series in 1914, a feat which earned the team the moniker “The Miracle Braves”.

“I truly believe the bat was guided into my hands by the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes, known to us as St. Rita,” said Andy.

Today, his St. Rita Baseball Believe Band gives his patients with chronic wounds the hope and spiritual guidance that St Rita offers through the power of faith and sport. The band, 100% silicone, retails for $15 on Andy’s website. A portion of each sale supports a variety of non-profit causes including after-school programs for disadvantaged children, fundraisers to fight cancer, and surgical care for babies in the developing world with facial abnormalities.

The inside of the band contains three words that underpin the fabric of Andy’s mission:  Faith. Hope. Miracles.

St Rita Baseball Band Patent

“When you buy the St. Rita Baseball Believe Band, you will be helping to make a miracle come true for someone facing a challenge. It will be a constant reminder of the courage it takes for yourself – and others – to overcome life’s obstacles.”

The band is finding believers across America, including one brave kid with Hodgkin’s Disease who purchased the bracelet online. His cancer is now in remission. “He believes in the band and he believes in St. Rita; it has given him the courage to face up to the challenges life is throwing at him,” said Andy.

The Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox With Andy And Bracelet

Andy’s mission found its way to the ears of the Chicago White Sox who invited the inventor to share the story of St. Rita’s spiritual connection to baseball. Inspired, several players now wear the band including rookie Jacob May who scored his first MLB hit while wearing the bracelet.

Several fans can now also be seen wearing the band at games, reflecting the magnetic, joyous pull of Andy’s faith-based idea.

ANDY CASTELLANOS - St Rita Believe Band - John Rizvi

John Believed In My Idea...

“I could only have achieved my dream with John’s help. His experience is incredible: Just close your eyes and as your patent attorney John will take you where you want to go.”

Andy Castellanos  //  Inventor, Believer & Giver

As Babe Ruth once famously proclaimed, “it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up,” aptly describing Andy’s relentless energy to help his patients heal and give the world a TINY miracle to wear on their wrists.

Andy, congrats my friend: You scored a home run with a tiny invention that has a giant heart. 

St. Rita Baseball Bracelet on Wrist - Patent
Baseball Bat Inspires Patent Dream
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