5 modern inventions that can make it easier to celebrate National Coffee Day!

Most people in the United States start every morning with a caffeinated drink before tackling on their daily duties. It’s wild to think that the origin of coffee dates as far as the 15th century. In the United States, coffee gained popularity after the Boston Tea Party due to tea being associated with the British. As The Patent Professor ®, I can’t help but wonder how the progression of enjoying coffee has led to many inventions that have revolutionized the way we drink the beverage today. Check out these five different coffee inventions and how the masterminds behind them made drinking coffee easier!

  1. The WACACO Nanopresso
    By the mid-1800s, inventors submitted patents for various apparatus meant to aid the roasting and brewing of coffee beans. Inventions like the coffee roaster (US4922A) and the coffee pot (US4904A) by John R. Remington made enjoying coffee very accessible for Americans. The Nanopresso is a modern-day example of how inventors are bringing us closer to this popular beverage. The Nanopresso is a portable lightweight espresso machine meant to bring a delicious brew no matter where you are. This invention was patented in 2017 by Yim Johnny Chow and You Joe Cheung (USD855371S1).
5 modern inventions that can make it easier to celebrate National Coffee Day! 1
  1. The Collection Bag
    Much like many other inventions, the collection bag was made with convenience at the forefront. This Starbucks patent (USD766105S1) was created in 2015 by Elizabeth G. M. Coolen Muller and Andre Y. Kim for Starbucks. The purpose of the collection bag is to gather the necessary amount of coffee beans for brewing from a dispenser. The inventors were considering ways to make the tasks of baristas quicker. Anyone who’s waited in line at a Starbucks can understand the efficiency of this invention.
  2. Cup Holder Sleeve
    The original cup holder sleeve (US5425497A) was patented by Jay Sorensen in 1993. The design included webbing technology that allows users to hold and decorate their cups while being protected from the beverage temperature through insulation. This invention has been imperative to coffee drinkers, so much so that Starbucks patented (US7922031B1) a revised version created by Kevin R. Price in 2007. This patent features additions to the sleeve that allows users to have a better grip of their cup and displays the beverage they are drinking.
5 modern inventions that can make it easier to celebrate National Coffee Day! 2
  1. Self-Stirring Mug
    Since the inception of coffee as a beverage, many cultures around the world have quickly discovered that coffee can be enhanced by extras like sweeteners and milk. Even though people would rely on spoons or skilled pouring of these additives, in 2001, Scott Rubenstein patented the beverage container with an integrated stirring device (US20010036124A1). This mechanical barista evenly mixes your coffee to perfection, no more worrying about sugar sinking to the bottom of the cup anymore!
5 modern inventions that can make it easier to celebrate National Coffee Day! 3
  1. Coffee StiX
    This coffee patent is meant to help you add the perfect sugar and milk servings to your coffee without the extra mess while promoting accessibility. The inventor of Coffee StiX pushes the boundaries of coffee stirring sticks to have multiple functionalities. Patented (US20180014676A1) in 2016 by Kerry Young, the Coffee StiX suspends compact amounts of sugar and milk to be mixed into your coffee without having to clean up after yourself. This invention has in mind the busy lifestyle of coffee drinkers who need energy and taste from their coffee to get through the rest of the day.

This National Coffee Day, I am truly inspired by the creativity and vision of inventors who have made coffee consumption innovative and delicious. I hope I was able to inform you about some of the history of coffee and how inventions have guided and revolutionized how we consume this drink. For those of you that have an idea for an invention that can help people enjoy coffee, I’d love to discuss the patent process with you over a cup of Joe!


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