Backup Holster ~ Peter Roccisano

Peter Roccisano - Backup Holster Patent For Firearms

I came to John on short notice: I wanted my patent to be ready for a major law enforcement and firearm trade show that was coming up in several months. John was able to effectively and properly address my patent concerns and submit my patent request and have me in a patent pending status before I had to leave for that show. His knowledge and work ethic is extremely impressive and I was very fortunate to have chosen him as my patent attorney.


Peter Roccisano


Roccisano:  My backup holster invention has the potential to save officer lives who require a secondary concealed weapon while working normal patrol duties. Since being patented, I have begun selling the product to officers around the country. I have been featured in SWAT Magazine twice and on And in addition to those publishings, the holster was also member tested and recommended by an organization called the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

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